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23 Ways To Promote Your Business--FOR FREE!

Updated on December 25, 2008

Promoting your business doesn’t have to cost a lot! In fact, there are so many easy and free (or almost free) things you can do.

1. Brag about your successes with “News Releases”—often!

2. New Contracts (“Recognized” company; large deal; unique solution)

3. Company milestones (“10 Years In Business”; “100th Client”, etc.)

4. New Hire (especially of industry-known executive)

5. New or Innovation product or solution

6. Publish your News Releases prominently on your website (home page is best)

7. Offer to write a technical column for the local newspaper or trade journal

8. Develop “Case Studies” or “Business Studies” on interesting or major projects

9. Promote your “events” (trade shows; client events, etc) to the trade press and/or local newspapers.

10. Enlarge and display all published news about your company

11. Develop a pressroom page on your website and feed it with new information at least once a week.

12. Supplement the “About Company” section of your website to include references to all articles and news reports about your company, especially any in industry publications.

13. Send a copy of all News Releases to all prospects and clients (but limited to not more than 2 per month to avoid them being viewed as spam.

14. Get testimonial letters from all customers on a regular basis (like after each major project)

15. Include copy of selected customer testimonial letters with all proposals

16. Ask customers to give a presentation at your customer events (personal testimonials are powerful sales/PR tools.

17. Develop a company Newsletter. At first, keep it simple, short and to the point. Avoid “advertising” your services. Make it light and interesting to your readers.

18. Include interesting articles or News Releases with your invoices.

19. Create a multimedia CD or DVD featuring your successes; send to prospects & clients

20. Send all employees a copy of all successful publications in the media and all News Releases (whether published or not). Many mail them to the home to “Mr. and Mrs.” to promote good will and confidence in the company to family members.

21. Frame and hang all articles in hallways as a constant reminder of the pride all employees should have in the company.

22. Display a binder in the reception area with copies of all testimonial letters, news articles, etc (laminate all documents to keep them clean and professional.)

23. Call speaking opportunities to the attention of key company executives.



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    • William Turpen profile image

      William Turpen 9 years ago from Southwest Virginia

      Thanks PG for your compliments. Your new business idea sounds great. Promotion of any new business is always one of the keys to success. Sadly, promotion is even more important than having a great (or even viable) product. (By the way, that's a mistake many new businesses make. They believe having a great product is enough.) It sounds to me that making your website "THE" meeting place for local artisans to meet and do business is a great way to go. Getting a few well known locals to sign on can help.

      Years ago I was helping a small local coupon book publisher get started. He couldn't build credibility and retailers hesitated placing ads. I suggested he go to the most prestigious retail businesses (who are also known as very stingy with their ad budgets) and give them a large ad "free". (I normally don't recommend giving anything away but there are exceptions; but we did this with a twist.) What we did in this case is tell them the ad is free BUT, IF they (the retailer) felt the ad/coupon did well for business, they would give us a raving letter of recommendation (which we would of course write for them--for their convenience.) We gave them premium placement of their free ads (yes, breaking more old rules of marketing!) The ads/coupons worked well. Result? Three strong letters of recommendation from 3 prestigious (and stingy) retailers! My client, of course, proudly circulated and displayed these in every conceivable way. Plus our product was the ONLY one like it with, not just "ads", but LARGE ads, from the three retailers. "If THEY see the value of this, you know it'll be good for you." Last I heard the venture was still doing well.

      The moral of this story is to be innovative and set yourself up as THE leader, THE place, THE source. Do something DIFFERENT and do a LOT of it--QUICKLY. Plus (very important) always get something for anything you "give" away, testimonials, referrals,...something.

      Have fun with your new venture, PG! Do what you love. do it well and you'll succeed!

    • profile image

      pgrundy 9 years ago

      This is great! I've bookmarked it. I have an idea for a small business but I'm researching it thoroughly before just plunging in--I know how that can go. Basically it involves starting a website that brings together local artisans and their products, with profiles and news about what they are up to and maybe a feature where visitors can place orders online. So many people are buying locally these days, and I live in an area that is very art-intensive and also that is close to several resort areas, so I think for a fairly small start-up cost I could actually do this. I really appreciate you sharing your expertise. Welcome to Hub Pages! It takes most people about 10 months to reach their first pay out here, but after that it comes more frequently (I should get my second in about three months), with some people getting decent monthly checks. It's cumulative. Good luck!


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