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Top 10 Benefits of Public Speaking Training Courses

Updated on August 27, 2013

Public Speaking Important for Career, Job Situations, Relationships

Public speaking training courses can benefit many areas of life. Since most formal public speaking occurs in relation to career or job situations, most of the benefits will also be in that area. However, many of the skills learned in these courses can be applied to areas outside the workplace, including family and relationships. These are just a few of the ways one can benefit from this type of Public Speaking training.

Tips and Techniques - Interviews, Presentations, Visual Aids

1. Tips and techniques that will help improve first impressions at interviews, as well as provide the skills needed to make successful presentations once the job is landed, can be learned in public speaking training courses.

2. Learning to use visual aids (power point, fliers, overhead projectors, etc.) during formal presentations increases the effectiveness with which an idea can be communicated.

Learn How to Successfully Interact with an Audience

3. Skills needed to successfully interact with an audience can be improved in order to keep audience members engaged with the topic. Different techniques can also be used to help reduce the stress and anxiety of the speaker.

4. Personal knowledge of a topic, or a variety of topics, can be gained through research and sharing of information during presentations. An extensive amount of knowledge gained through practical experience can be as valuable to potential employers as that which is gained through obtaining a degree.

5. Establishing oneself as an expert on a specific topic, or in a specific field, can be done through a series of successful presentations utilizing techniques learned in public speaking training courses. If presentations are recorded and made available online, this can be accomplished in a very short amount of time.

Time Management, Work, Controlling the Presentation

6. Time management skills can be improved by learning to thoroughly cover a topic in the time allotted. Since most people have very busy schedules, this is a very important skill to master outside of the workplace as well.

7. Verbal communication skills can be improved in personal, social, and work related instances by learning to use body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, and speech patterns in different ways depending on the situation. Thoughts, opinions, and ideas can be communicated more effectively in a variety of situations after mastering these skills.

8. Learning to recognize and utilize personal strengths and weaknesses when presenting relevant information is a very good way to increase the personal connection between the speaker and the audience.

Powerful Speaking at Work - Women and Men

Public Speaking Training Courses Increase Confidence

9. Learning to critically analyze information in order to communicate the main message and important points without being bogged down by inconsequential details is a skill that can be used at the workplace, home, and other areas of your life.

10. Public speaking training courses can also increase confidence by improving abilities and skills that allow a person to successfully participate in one of the most fear-inducing activities around the world.

3 Tips for Becoming a Powerful Speaker

Tricia Karp - Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women - shares 3 tips for entrepreneurs who want to become powerful speakers.

Effective Communication Necessary for all Situations - Personal, Social, Business

There are many skills and abilities that are generally thought of as necessary for the workplace, but are not as often considered important in personal and social situations. It is possible to learn skills in public speaking training courses that can be used to increase effective communication.

This is where you tell your story in short form ... about the "first time you had to speak in public"! My story is a "dilly - my knees shook so bad I almost fell over" and I will share more about that later. I want to hear from you!


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