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ranking high in the search engines is not rocket science

Updated on October 28, 2014

This hub will explain how you can earn a higher ranking in the search engines for your website, keep in mind that this hub only explains how to receive higher rankings in the search engines for organic keywords and organic traffic only.

Never Feel Intimidated

Unfortunately and pitifully many people feel very intimidated when they hear the acronym SEO. Optimizing your website for the search engines should not be anything you should feel intimidated by, If you feel intimidated when thinking about optimizing your website for the search engines then you're better off taking that intimidation and turning into motivation!

We all have goals in life weather it is a career goal, family goal, or a personal goal, you must know that when your website is optimized for a highly searched keyword that the payoff can be tremendous. So when you're feeling intimidated by optimizing your website for the search engines then you should stop and think about your future, and vision a picture of your accomplished goal.

SEO Is Not Rocket Science

SEO is nothing that is very complex, SEO is nothing to feel intimidated by, always know that SEO will help you in the long run. It only takes some basic common sense, a good strategy and patience.

Believe it or not there are only a few steps to receiving a high ranking in the search engines.

Here Are The Steps To Rank High


One of the steps to receiving a high ranking in the search engines is content. Content is king and content is key. Your website content should never be duplicate content, the content should be written from your mind and heart. Think of it this way, would you get sick of reading the same old magazine everyday? The reason why search engines love the new and original content is because search engines have a fun with new content, The search engines get tired of reading the same old stuff everyday, search engines want new, unique, and creative content before they pass out from feeling bored.


If you are writing articles and content to your website and are trying to optimize your website or websites page for a specific keyword then you have to make sure that the keyword density for the keyword you're trying to rank for is relatively high to your website or website pages content.

For example if you are trying to rank in the search engines for the keyword "buy golfing equipment" then you must make sure that the content for the page you're trying to rank for has a keyword density for the phrase "buy golfing equipment" of between 5% to 6%.


Rule number 3 is backlinks.

After you're done optimizing your pages keyword density, meta description, title, and meta keywords, then you must have high quality backlinks for the anchor text "buy golfing equipment" or what ever keyword your trying to optimize for.

You must build high quality backlinks if you expect to get anywhere in the search engines for a highly competitive keyword. Simply by adding links to your website in a blog comment section, or a backlink to your website on form profile is simply not enough. When it comes to ranking high in the search engines it always comes down to quality over quantity.

Obtaining high quality backlinks in the search engines is definitely a challenge, but with the right strategy you can make it possible.

Meta Matters!!!

I am just about sick to the point were I want to throw up when I hear "SEO pros" saying that META doesn't matter anymore. I have news for all the so called "gurus".

Do not ever think that meta descriptions, meta keywords, and meta titles do not matter because they are very important when it comes to results in the search engines. When you make a search on google, yahoo, or aol search engines what always comes up in the results first are the websites title and description.

If you do not have the right title or a relevant meta description on your website then when the user is making a search on the search engine he will simply pass your websites result in the search engine.

Your Domain Name - Keywords In The Domain & No Keywords

Another pretty important factor when it comes to ranking in the search engines is your domain name. I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen single phrase domain names that are sitting on parked pages with no content and no real website. There are thousands of single phrase domain names that have extreme potential to become a huge success, but they just sit on a parked page. It's a shame.

Keyword domain names, weather they are single phrase domain names or multi phrased domain names will always have the advantage and upper hand in the search engines.

This year of 2012 google has turned down the knob in giving keyword domain names more of an upper hand in the search engines other than brandable names, however this is not necessarily true if your keyword domain name and website has original content along with high quality backlinks.Keyword names will always win.

Domains Age

The age of your domain plays some what of a factor when it comes to ranking in the search engines but nothing too major. As long as your website has good, unique, original content and high quality backlinks then your domains age will mean nothing.

Page Rank

Web sites that have a higher page rank usually rank higher than website with no page rank. This is somewhat of a trust factor when it comes to SE's.

If you are looking to increase your website page rank simply gather unique quality backlinks and write original content to your website everyday. Offer your users something of value to them.

In Conclusion

All in all ranking high in the search engines it's not rocket science. If the search engines made is super extremely hard for people to rank in the search engines then there would be no search engines. Try not to overanalyze everything when it comes to SEO. Don't do any thing foolish to get you banned. Just do what is correct and ethical. You can rank in search engines by following these very simple steps.


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    • crockpotcooking profile image


      6 years ago

      I get it. "Parked" means like when one parks a vehicle without intention to use it any soon.

      Before, I thought that it means "parked" like some special kind of hosting service :D

      Thank you

    • airsoft gun profile imageAUTHOR

      Niver the Designer 

      6 years ago from Boston,MA

      You can also go onto and see the hundreds of great domain names that are being squatted on doing nothing.

    • airsoft gun profile imageAUTHOR

      Niver the Designer 

      6 years ago from Boston,MA

      Sure quickly leads to which is very silly. There can be much more done with than being forwarded. is also forwarded. is parked but has so much potential, is parked. I could go on and on. These are all phrase names that could be dominating.

    • crockpotcooking profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting article. Packed with basic information.

      It has a few typo errors, correct those, it also impacts the SE ranking ;)

      And I would like to see an explanation of what would be the parked domains? If you have time, please elaborate.

      Thank you


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