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Ready To Make The Leap From Ordinary Business To Big Income Business

Updated on December 18, 2015

Growing Your Business

If you are ready to make the leap from ordinary business to big income business you will need to adopt a marketer's mindset.

If you can embrace 'the marketer's mindset' then chances are you'll be streets ahead of your closest competitors, who will continue to view themselves as 'doers' of their thing.

See yourself as a marketer of your thing and not just a doer of your thing and watch your business take off.

Marketing Companies
Marketing Companies

Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Are you an interior designer? Or are you a marketer of interior design services?

Are you a florist? Or are you a marketer of floristry services?

Are you a cosmetic dentist? Or are you a marketer of cosmetic dentistry services?

Dan Kennedy the 'Renegade Millionaire' said: "The first big leap from ordinary business to big income business comes quickly once the business owner makes the intellectual, emotional and actual switch from 'doer' of his thing, to 'marketer' of his thing."

If you can embrace 'the marketer's mindset' then chances are you'll be streets ahead of your closest competitors, who will continue to view themselves as 'doers' of their thing.

So how can this magical transformation happen? You may wish to check out the resources with a marketing consultant, who will be delighted to help you with any outsourcing requirements.

If you intend doing your marketing in-house, the first thing you will need to do (preferably every day, but at least three days a week), is to set aside 90 minutes to spend on your marketing: that is, on getting and keeping customers.

If this is down to you or one of your team members it's a good idea to make this the first task of the morning.


Because for one, it's high-priority. Non-negotiable.

And two, because if you don't make it your first task of the day, there's every likelihood that it won't get done at all.

So how does a business 'get and keep customers'?

Let's start with what you've already got - your existing customer base. How could you leverage those relationships to widen the sales circle? Could you use your fantastic testimonials in your marketing as a way of influencing potential buyers? What about introducing a 'recommend a friend' scheme?

The real key to expanding your sales circle lies with your current customers. What is the main reason they choose to do business with you?

Is it:

1. Convenience

2. Outstanding service

3. Unrivalled product quality

Whatever it is, that is going to be the key message you focus your immediate marketing efforts on. This is the message that is going to establish you as a 'marketer of your thing' and thus help you make the leap from ordinary business to big income business.

Your preferred marketing company will be able to offer a wealth of advice and hands-on assistance with getting and keeping customers, which will transform you into a marketer of your thing and not just a doer of your thing.

Business Growth Specialist
Business Growth Specialist

What to do If You Have a Great Business Idea

If you think because you have a great business idea that your business will automatically flourish and grow, it’s probably time to touch base with reality. Many businesses can do really well and produce vast amounts of income for their owners. A lot has to do with skill and timing. However, many ventures take a lot of work and simply provide the owner with a good steady income, nothing more. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that and the key point here is that it’s important to be realistic.

This main question at the start is what makes a successful business start-up? There is no doubt that the idea is one of the most important things. Successful business owners have taken wildly different paths towards developing their businesses and nurturing them. However, the one common theme is that they have all been extremely hard working and very committed to making their idea reality.

You might decide to take business development classes, have consultations and meetings with your accountant and banker, look at different options with regard to membership in business clubs, and consider company and product brand names. By so doing, you are following clearly defined steps towards creating, developing and nurturing a successful small business and this is how ideas become reality.

Most experts agree that the number one thing you need to do is market research. The purpose of this is so that you can better understand your product and its potential market. Only by doing this can you move onto the next step which is creating a business plan. This document will further help you refine in detail your idea and understand the steps involved in building your creation. A solid business plan can also be presented to banks and potential funders and help win financing.

In terms of the questions and answers for the reader of your document, you should be covering the following: What is the business idea? What will you do and how will you do it? Detail everything about your target market, who they are and what they buy. What is the competition like? What is your product or service, how will you produce it and at what price? You also need to tell the reader what your unique selling point (USP) is and how this will give you an edge over the competition.

In the next section of the business plan you need to look at costs and income. What do you expect gross sales to be in the coming year? Estimate business costs in the coming year. This section needs to be very detailed and you need to include every single cost, including labour, rent, purchasers, loan payments, travel costs, insurance, and anything else. Be sure to note if you are going to be involved in research and, if so, will you take advantage of patent box legislation?

Next, look at financing. Of course, not every business needs money. But if you think you do then be really clear and open. How much are you going to invest in the business and how much do you need to borrow? But not only that, you need to explain what the funding will be used for, how it will be paid back and if there will be any return on investment. Be sure to point out any gaps in financing.

Never forget that a business plan is a real live document and in some ways can be viewed as your businesses Bible. This means that it’s got to be constantly updated and must adapt to the changing environment. View it as a roadmap for your company. It will help you clearly evaluate your business so that you can see what’s working and what isn’t. By staying on top of things like this you are in a strong position to convert idea into a viable business.

Don’t forget to call on support of valued advisors such as your accountant, who can give information on patent box laws, and your bank, which can point to sources of finance. Other consultants and business club members can provide good information too.

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