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Mistakes to Avoid If You Are New at Real Estate Investing

Updated on June 17, 2012

A great number of new real estate investors assume their venture can pay them back per month with a huge profit margin, all at the cost of a one-time financial commitment. To a certain degree, this dream is true, but success in real estate investing necessitates much more. Each real estate investor wants to become successful but this mistake alone misleads some if not nearly all. Steering clear of all these traps can be the distinction between real estate mogul and real estate grieving.

Quitting Your Day Job

This is a case of very simple economics. Each person has to spend on important expenses and once you have no income coming in, you've got nothing to spend for for your needs. Investing in real estate is a lot easier if you have the sources. It is a recipe for failure to quit your day profession even though there are outside financiers such as financing alternatives and loans. Not only does quitting your main day job stop you from achieving success, it also adds stress together with pressure and even minimizes your investment source.

Returning to School

together with pressure and even minimizes your investment source.

Many investors assume that in order to be very successful, they must get back to real estate school by purchasing real estate training programs. The perception of being successful being made for inexperienced players by all these boot camp, e-books and video/webcasts are misguided. These training materials are extensive, un-relatable, unrealistic and do nothing for the common beginning investor. Moreover, these courses and information are overloaded with possible choices, topics and cycles that can make even the most experienced investor’s head spin. Keep in mind this isn’t really supporting to educate new investors either to learn the basics of real estate investing because it only gives them a little bit about a lot of information.

Wrong Depiction of Success

The amount of money in your pocket will determine your progress in real estate. Period. It does not make you successful even though you have a marketing plan, discussed with possible tenants, met with investors and even own a website. A lot of these are all important measures, but too many professionals get hung up about all the stuff which doesn’t generate profits. Start with the actual stuff that can get money coming, and concern yourself with the website later.

These three elements are included in a cycle. Perhaps someone reads an e-book on investing, starts a web site, feels successful thus he quits his day job and still is nowhere. Or, maybe someone quits their day job, encounters a blog post about real estate training, buys the material, starts a web site, feels more successful so refuses to go look for a regular job, confident the real estate dream is without a doubt mere months away.

Make your real estate investing opportunity a reality by evading these mistakes. If done correctly, with the necessary time, patience, capital and know-how, real estate investing can be quite a ticket to financial independence, early retirement and a residual income for many years to come.


Shiela Harroway is from Los Angeles, California. She has been a real estate investing blogger and real estate investor since 2005.


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