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Another Degree for More Money/Security?? You DESERVE Better!!

Updated on May 13, 2010

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What I am about to share will not be taken kindly by many. For this is not a warm and fuzzy topic and opinions are strong on both sides.  So, let's take the gloves off.

I know of a lot of people who, like ME, have gone back to school, put in years of their valuable life (which they'll never get back), invested thousands and TENS of thousands of dollars, rarely saw their spouse or kids, etc, etc, & for what? For another $10, 15, 20K/YEAR?!?!? It's absolutely one of the biggest scams of our time.

In 2008, my wife and I began to capitalize on some of the trends of the internet and combined with providing good service to other people we MATCHED the increase in pay it took me over 2 YEARS and about $14,000 to further my degree while I was working full-time as a Nurse . What a novel idea, "go back to school," how unique! And with our own business we never have to concern ourselves with playing the proper political games just to keep moving up the ole corporate ladder. Not any more.



Once my wife and I began our home-based business and I was also able to break into independent consulting, I told A LOT of people how in the next few years I was going to dump my job to be a stay-at-home dad. At first people laughed and scoffed. Critics in your life will ALWAYS try to knock you down to their level of mediocrity. They may be loving people who genuinely care about you. But if you truly want something and keep your reason WHY in front of you, ignore the negative and GO. I saw the results people around me had who offered all their "caring" advice and it impacted me.

I've watched people very close to me invest over 4 years of their youth and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on a "program" to achieve a degree. That degree was supposed to get them a job. If they were even able to get a job in their field of study it typically takes them away from their real priorities. For the best, most energetic 40-60 hours a week for about 45 YEARS, most of us run that "rat race."  Sunday comes along and we get that pit in our gut because we know that tomorrow we go back....again.  Then we start the count-down to Friday.  We consume more caffeine, more processed foods, and more toxins just to keep going.  And we can't figure out we grow so miserable.  (unless you're part of the minority who LOVES their job) That job will change about 14 times before they turn 40 years old. All the while these hard working, intelligent, good people just can't figure out why they are unable to get ahead. 

The bottom line is they worked hard on their formal education and it was not easy to do what they did, but they did it because, "that's just what you do!" I know MANY people who complain about their work situation. They are simply miserable. Why don't these people get on the phone and tell everyone they know about the SCAM that just robbed them of their common sense?'s embarrassing, ah but they did get a nice lamb-skin to hang on the wall saying 'CONGRATULATIONS- Expert Hoop Jumper'. Seriously though, it's absolutely frustrating to admit that what they've gone through all that time did not get them to where they believed it would. But that's exactly what happened for many.

PLEASE get my motive on this. I believe strongly in education, the right education. And I am not completely against college, I've gone twice. BUT, if someone is attending college to get money, to get a job, to appease their parents (since they're usually paying for it), or any reason other than their PASSION, they are part of one of the biggest fleecings this country has ever seen. They will be sadly disappointed. Just look around at people you know, this is no secret, yet no one talks about. The majority of college grads CANNOT/DO NOT work in the field of their major! Why? Because the system is OUT-DATED. It simply does not work.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the INFORMATION AGE.  The rules have CHANGED.  The days of "get A's, go to University, work hard, get into a big company with benefits, and work till 'retirement' for a pension" are LONG GONE.  How else can we explain kids in college creating things like "Facebook" and getting WEALTHY in a matter of a couple years?  Think about it!

How about this to think about.  I have written this little article.  As you're reading this, I'm off doing who knows what.  BUT, if you are reading these words, I've made money from it.  HMM.



To wrap this up...YES, I'm a bit passionate about the topic. I care about people and want to see people get off the gerbil wheel and out of the rat race. And even though some will criticize you stretching and going after something different, it's ok, one day in the near future your results will speak for themselves.

Remember, people of integrity expect to be believed, when they're not they let time prove them right through action.

Be careful who you listen to, they might be broke!

“Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.”--W.C. Fields

--Contact Writer For More Info or Resources. Also, if there is a topic you'd like covered or something you need advice on, feel free to mention it.

C.Mann is officially the unofficial pen name of an intense Dreamer.


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    • profile image

      Stmacdonald 7 years ago

      WOW, that's a swift kick In the groin. So true and very scary to think about.