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Who wants to be a soldier?

Updated on August 31, 2011

There was a great commotion and confusions on the street. Everybody was running helter-skelter. There was no way you can easily get to the root of the matter at hand because they were no one to ask. You just have to wait for the dust to settle.

And when it finally did, grapevine started circulating concerning what really happened. Two things made the incoming story juicy.

First, three well known thugs were beaten up and wounded like kids. These guys were well also known as the local strongmen whose stern look from their always marijuana-induced red eyes alone can throw the living daylights out of you. So you can imagine how relishing it was to hear that those thugs were humbled and completely messed up.

But which group of people on this earth was courageous and fearless enough to beat them up like that?

People? My god, that was the juiciest part! It was NOT done by people. It was just a soldier – one soldier!

Wonders shall never end! You need to see those hoodlums with their huge rippling muscles which they don’t even bother to conceal at all to understand the extent of the damage that was done to those guys’ reputation.

The story had it that those strongmen numbering five accustomed one helpless citizen and forcefully demanded that he pay them their usual tax dues or they will seize his motorcycle. The man was not a trouble maker but the manner in which those guys harassed him forced him to make just one phone call and then all hell was let loose.

He simply called his friend who happened to be a soldier, i.e. the soldier and when the military guy arrived at the scene and displayed his military skills in the full view of everyone, two out of the five thugs immediately took to their heels leaving behind them those unfortunate three to taste the army sense of discipline. People around started running when blood started to flow and some mistakenly thought that the soldier was already opening fire on the people around!


Being someone who revels in curiosity and aftermaths, I just started asking these questions.

Was the soldier muscularly built? NO, on the contrary he was even a slim fit and he was not even looking fearsome in anyway. Was he helped by any other person in dealing with those goons? Once again, the answer was NO. Did he even use gun to threaten them? NO. What happened to the guy that called him in the first place? Those messed up guys were ordered to apologize to him and even give him back his motorbike which they have earlier seized from him and they immediately complied together with some monetary compensation so as to avoid further troubles.


The begging question now was “how on earth was he able to overpower those thugs single-handedly?

I knew the answer. It is what I call the soldier’s mentality. The military man does not know who you are. He does not care too. He is ready to discipline you if you ever step out of line. This type of reasoning suddenly tickled my mind and just like it happened to me with that priest I encountered in the church on that very Sunday, and I started out once more in that path of thinking of what it will be like if I become a soldier…

Follow me as I go down that reverie path once more…

The following might be the main reasons why I want to be a soldier.


Soldiers are born fearless. They don’t have anything to fear. They are well versed in the art of mastering one’s fears and overcoming them. They live on the edge and they don’t just give a hoot what the world and the rest of the civilians think about them. With them it is always force, force and more force. I think one of the reasons why these guys are so fearless is because they have already accepted death as a part of their code of conduct and agreement in the first place. They know and have accepted the truth which many people like me all over the world honestly shy away from which is the fact that - you only die once!

Physically fit and mentally alert

These guys are always physically fit and mentally alert. Nothing could be better than that. They don’t have to bother with obesity or growing fat and then loosing weight or going on a diet. Their daily rigorous exercises are taking proper care of all that trouble for them.

They are mentally alert, always waiting for the next command to execute sharp sharp.

A soldiers mind, body and soul is always adequately prepared for the next series of chain command. No wonder soldiers don’t grow old and feeble like the rest of humanity.

Self defense

Because they are physically fit, they can also master the skills necessary for self defense easily more than any other group of professionals.

They know how to protect themselves against any physical attack and they also know how to attack because it is part of their everyday training and partly the reason why they even exist.

So, you better fear a soldier.

License to carry arms…and shoot too!

I believe there is a power that comes with carrying arms and when you have the full license to do so, there are no limits to the power which you now momentarily possess.

And the people around you, they know this too. They know you can shoot them and still get away with it at the end of the day. Which is why they don’t need anybody to remind them to better respect themselves or else they might just [mistakenly] stop one or two hot leads whenever they see you around.

Instill fear and command respect

Armed with all these tools and skills aforementioned, you still wondering why military guys are able to instill fear and command such a huge respect amongst civilians?

Let’s look at it this way. You are dealing with someone who is not afraid to die, who appears to be physically stronger than you, who can take care of himself assuming you wanna be startin’ somethin’, coupled with the fact that s/he is holding a gun at the ready and the nozzle of that gun is shockingly pointing at you…

No…no…no, not me. I love this life so much!

But let me let you in to this very secret why soldiers can instill instant fear and command respect from you. It is simply because of their uniform. Uniforms have a way of sending the message of authority which is why I believe those two guys I was telling you about took off when they smelt a power greater than theirs.

Similarly it could also be the reason why those three guys easily surrendered to a superior power which they sensed from the uniform he was putting on.

Something in my mind tells me that had it been that the soldier appear in his ordinary day wear, those guys might be tempted to deal with him but then, I am not so sure of this because I know that…

Once a soldier

Yes, it is true. Once a soldier; always a soldier! I believe this is the guiding mentality which helps these army people to fend off all opposition. They have managed to instill into themselves this strong belief that once a soldier, they will always remain so in and out of uniform or service and there’s little or nothing you can do about that…

If you want to try, just go ahead. I’ve got your back. Why are you looking at me that way? You don’t trust me again?

But believe me, don’t mind all those things I have been saying all these while. There are just two real reasons why I really want to become a soldier…

I know that as a military officer, that:

1. I am not responsible for my actions…Never!

You can always check with my superiors. I don’t have to question anybody or anything. My own is to obey i.e. to always obey the last order! If you don’t like it, go figure…


2. Wars don’t happen everyday

It ain’t no secret so don’t conceal the fact, wars don’t happen everyday. So if you are thinking that I am going to die very soon in one mindless war or the other, you better think again.

Unless a crazy man starts boasting again that he has got lots and lots of weapons of mass destruction or another man decides to fly planes into tall buildings again or another one decides to stay in power for more than 40 years and some people now want to use force to force him to quit, there is little or no reason why I should leave my comfort zone in the barracks!

I guess you can now clearly see why I’d rather NOT be a soldier?


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