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Starting Your Own Recycling Business - High-Profit Recycling Opportunities

Updated on April 19, 2013

Recycling Is Good for the Planet AND Your Profits!

There's a new look to recycling. It's no longer left to the 70s-era hippy generation. From grandmas to teens and young families, recycling is finally "in" again. What many people don't know is that with recycling, you can go green - and get paid for it.

You simply have to know which cast-offs have the most marketable value for your recycling business. You can collect soda cans and pick up a few bucks or a truckload of cans and a ton of effort storing, sorting and toting them to the recycle center, but this is small potatoes compared to what recycling entrepreneurs do.

You can find out how to make thousands from a pile of someone else's junk that's so small, you can carry in a tote bag. It's all about knowing where to find value in discards. You also don't have to buy protective gear to wear while poking around landfills.

What we're talking about here is considered clean recycling that you can do in a few hours a week or on your lunch hour. There are three key elements to make recycling really profitable.

First, you need to discover the types of high paying recyclables.

Second, you have to find places in your immediate area to find those recyclables.

And finally, you have to know which companies buy these items and which will pay you the best price.

You can turn this into a source of vacation money - or a fulltime income. A reputable recycling business can be the ongoing cash cow to make it possible to stay at home and raise your children or have a worry-free retirement.

by: Scott Andrews

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What Items Can You Recycle for Quick Cash?

When most people think of recycling, they think of soda cans and plastic milk containers. That's not where the money is in a recycling business. Although it's wonderful for saving the planet, it's not worth much as an income supplement.

Smart recyclers are on to bigger (or smaller, high-value) and more profitable items. Start by thinking of all the things we buy that are discarded instead of being repaired. Since it's usually cheaper to buy a new computer than have the old one upgraded, people just toss them out.

Nearly 10 million computers are dumped each year. Did you know that this high tech trash is hiding big bucks? Inside your old computer are circuit boards with gold and silver.

...and almost everybody has a few "old" cell phones tucked away in a junk box or sock drawer - some of the newer ones may have a resell value of $100 or more to a local or national buyer. Though their scrap, or recycling, value may only be $.50 to a dollar or two (depending on scrap metal prices), almost everybody is willing to donate them to you. Again, knowing how and where to sell them for the most profit is the key to profiting handsomely - part-time or full-time!

Cell phones, and among other disposable items - toner cartridges are also sources of hidden treasure to recyclers. There's money under the hood of your car, not to mention in your jewelry box, junk drawer, and those secret and hidden cubbyholes we throw our valuable "junk" in for safekeeping - and which often is forgotten!

Another real bonanza is in recycling catalytic converters. The old recycling model was to get a lock on a dozen auto repair shops and pick up their scrap catalytic converters. This recycling opportunity is a lot more competitive today, but if you utilize our model for success, you'll be able to acquire a couple dozen converters per day and your profit on converters alone can be over a $1,000 per day.

Medical devices are another unseen source of recyclables. Specialized medical equipment used in cardiac and other procedures is disposable, and many hold a wealth of platinum that sells for over $1,100 per ounce. This is a specialized area of recycling, and requires special training and licensing to be able to acquire this scrap, but there is very little competition because most recycling entrepreneurs simply won't make the investment in time and effort to get certified to be able to legally handle this waste.

But don't forget the things we don't usually think of as "recyclable". It is estimated that the average household has over $2,000 worth of "ugly gold" - jewelry and other items (think gold dental appliances, eyeglass frames, watches, coins, etc.) such an old wedding rings, broken chains, mismatched earrings, or simply stuff that is no longer fashionable or not worn regularly.

In these difficult economic times, people are going through jewelry boxes, sock drawers, and all those 'hiding places" where treasures get stashed and forgotten. Many haul their stuff to the local pawn shop (big mistake!), package it up and ship it to an Internet, or "mail-order" buyer, or ask their local jeweler if they buy scrap gold. And many, many people get ripped off, only receiving a small fraction of the gold value for their unwanted gold possessions.

Most people have no idea of the real, or "melt value" of precious metals, much less how to deal with an aggressive buyer, especially one who will not even tell you a buying price up front - and this is about 95% of the buyers out there! We can teach you not only how to sell your own "precious metal scrap" safely and VERY profitably, but how to offer this service to your friends, family, co-workers, and other acquaintances and keep the profits for yourself. Not to mention, how to do this honestly, ethically, and legally - how to run the kind of scrap gold business which your customers will be proud to refer to THEIR friends!

The more you know about high-ticket scrap materials, the faster you can get a jump on the market for your recycling business. Hospitals, businesses and even individuals just want to get rid of useless items. You can help them - and help yourself to profits that pay cash on delivery.

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How to Start Your Own Recycling Business

A recycling business needs little in the way special equipment, no storefront, and (usually) very little storage space. If you want to recycle larger items, then having a truck is useful. Otherwise, you can operate from your home so that the money you earn is pure profit.

As a matter of fact - recycling scrap gold, silver, and platinum can effectively allow you to operate your "scrap metals business" out of your pants' pocket!

What you do need is information - solid information that will help you save time and avoid making rookie mistakes. You need to know the best places to call on for recyclables and how to approach them.

To keep from getting cheated, you need to know where to sell for top dollar, not just an easy buck. If you want to specialize in high-ticket recyclables like dental gold, platinum or silver, then you better know your market well.

Whether you sell precious metal recyclables in person or online, you have to know when an offer is good and when to move on. You can spend a lot of time and lose a lot of money figuring that out the hard way.

After all, why make a few hundred dollars a month when you can learn how to make that much in a day? The opportunity is there waiting for you to take it. You'll take your recycling business to the next level when you start marketing yourself in the right places. It doesn't take much money to get fantastic returns and develop loyal customers.

Imagine hosting a party with a small group of willing sellers at a friend's home, having each of them bring their unwanted "scrap metals" in the form of old rings, chains, earrings, bracelets, and paying them cash on the spot for them. The opportunity in "Home Gold Parties" is growing more popular by the day. A few pleasant hours spent socializing and buying scrap gold, silver, and platinum items can net a thousand dollars in profit - and this can be done a number of times each week, if you're so inclined!

If you make recycling easy for them, then they're satisfied enough to make you their exclusive recycler. At this point, you aren't doing a little recycling - you're an entrepreneur turning quick cash profit every day.

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