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Refrigerant recovery equipment

Updated on September 17, 2014

The How To Guide To Removing Freon

All refrigerants must be recovered by law
The first step in refrigerant recovery is getting your EPA certification. You CAN NOT legally evacuate refrigerants until you are EPA certified. It is not hard to get certified to recover freon and it will save you from a possible large fine.

First you will have to decide what type of certification you will need. The 608 test covers appliances and large ac units however there are 4 different types for the 608 test. type 1 is for small appliances containing less then 5lbs of refrigerant This would be what you need for refrigerators and window air conditioners. It is an open book test that can be taken online at

The next step in recovering freon is getting some equipment. You will need a good Refrigerant Recovery Unit

These machines can range from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Start out with a simple machine like a promax or stinger they are a

little cheaper but get the job done.

I would suggest getting your machine on eBay for the best price. You will also Need Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Tank

(1 for each type of freon you will be recovering)

You will also need

a Gauge Manifold With Hoses

and an Electronic Refrigerant Scale

. Then there are some smaller items you will need such as bullet pierce valves,

and some basic hand tools.

Complete Guide to Recycling Appliances

Freon recovery guide
Freon recovery guide

This book will teach you how to recover freon from refrigerators, air conditioners and any other freon containing unit. It also teaches you the steps to making money by recycling your appliances and freon. Get this book and make tons of money scrapping.

Taking the EPA Refrigerant Evacuation Test

See How It Works, Be Prepaired

You should read the manual a few times until it makes sense Study Guide then take the Practice test before attempting the real test.

The study guide and practice test are free at

and the type 1 test is 24.95 and can be taken right from your computer.

For type 2,3 and universal you will have to find a registered EPA test center to take the test it is closed book test so make sure you know your stuff.

Type 2 Can only work on Medium, High and Very-High Pressure Appliances.

Type 3 can only work on Low-Pressure Appliances.

Universal Certification is someone who possesses Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 Certifications.

Then there is also a 609 test if you will be recovering freon from automobiles. This test is also open book and can be taken right from your computer.

This test costs 19.95 but its well worth it if you want to scrap cars.

How to Recover freon
How to Recover freon

EPA Test Types

For Recovering Refrigerant

Type I Certification - Can only work on Small Appliance (5lbs or less of refrigerant)

Type II Certification - Can only work on Medium, High and Very-High Pressure Appliances.

Type III Certification - Can only work on Low-Pressure Appliances.

Universal Certification - Someone who possesses Type I, Type II and Type III Certifications

All EPA tests:

EPA Study guide: Study Guide

Let me know if you have any questions.

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