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remove the paypal payment logo and link from opencart

Updated on June 27, 2012

If your using the open cart e-commerce software, and you want to remove the the link or the picture on the bottom left, of the cart then this is how you do it.

Changing the Paypal Logo Picture

To change the paypal logo picture in open cart you have to delete the image that is located on your server. You will have to log into your FTP server to access this image.

Once you've logged into your ftp browse to the following location.


The actual picture is called "payment.png"

You can either delete the image, or upload your own custom logo and overwrite the existing one. Once you've changed the logo though, the link that actually takes you to the paypal site will stay. When a customer clicks on your new payment logo, they will still be redirected to the paypal website. If you want to change this then read on.

Changing the paypal link in opencart

You can remove the paypal link that is on your open cart store by connecting to your ftp server, and going to the location of your store installation.

You need to go to the following location:


You will find a file there called footer.tpl

This is the file you will have to copy to your local drive, and then search through for the paypal link. It is near the top of the file, and the file is small so you can't miss it. You can either remove the link or do what I normally do, which is just create a link back to your website.

This is also where you will find the link to remove the open cart link also.

extra editing tips

The folder that your footer is stored also has your header files stored there too. You can easily edit these files as they are just simple php files although named differently, they work roughly the same. So you can add any other types of codes into the files.

Remember that if you upgrade the store to a latest version then you will lose these changes you make so keep a note of them, and you can just re-apply them after you have finished.

You can add advertisements, and links to other sites too.   


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      SHopping comparison 7 years ago

      I think its a good way to get rid of logo.