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Exploratory research when end conclusive research then start

Updated on July 18, 2014

Research type

Research is an investigation of something to find the solution of the problem or the answer of the question. The whole activities toward discovering the hidden answer or identifying the accurate way of solution of something is research. The whole research process is done by first exploring and concluding the term.

Above the two way classified research as Exploratory research and conclusive research.

Exploratory is originated from exploration or explore. Gathering data in a platform to making a relationship among themselves and doing a study on the data and variables. When a patient goes to doctor, at the first sight doctor and patient do not know in what disease the patient is suffering from? Doctor tries to study a large number of symptoms. He looks on patient eyes, skins, weights, toungh, heart bit, blood pressure, previous disease history. But everything not may be related with the disease of the patient. But doctor make a study. He explore a common parameter of disease, among themselves a one or two is existing. This is an exploratory research.

Conclusive research is such kinds of research that search a final conclusion of the problem. In conclusive research a hypothesis test is done to identify the best alternative.

The exploratory research on the patient yellow eyes, yellow urine, Flatulance, vomiting, explore a common probability of hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or Hepatitis E associated jaundice. But exactly till now not sure about in which virus patient is affected. To make a conclusion doctor suggests some test to identify the best alternative. This is a conclusive research. Conclusive research is in two types. Descriptive research and experimental research.


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