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How to Easily Create a Lifetime of Residual Income, Prosperity, and Freedom Online

Updated on July 18, 2014

How to Easily Create a Lifetime of Residual Income, Prosperity, and Freedom Online

Many people online are wondering how to create a lifetime of residual income.

If you are one of those people looking for ways to make money online, then you are in luck.

I have for you what some are calling the most complete and easy-to-do system ever created to make money from home and to achieve financial freedom online. And this system is so simple in its simplicity and so easy to set up and profit from it you will wonder why others don't use it more often.

This system has been responsible for producing for people:

• A "Boss-Free" life

• A "no schedule to stick to" life

• A "travel the world" experience

• A life where every day is a weekend

• A stress-free life

• Freedom from bills and drudgery

• A residual income

• ...and so MUCH MORE.

This system can solve money problems, it can remove stress from your life, and it can produce for you the lifetime income that only some privileged few ever achieve in their life.

Simply stated, this system is my 5 step plan to start you on your life of financial and time freedom.

Here are the five steps that you will need to master.

Step 1:- Find a hungry market of people with problems or needs to fulfil.

People are searching online for answers to their problems.

Everywhere you look you see online searches for everything from how to make money online, how to lose weight easily, how to stop smoking, how to improve credit scores and even how to cure snoring, to name but a few.

Do an online search for the niche market that interest you and get an idea of the size of it and how many searches are being done daily and monthly for that problem or need.

These searchers represent the hungry market that you need to target to help in their quest on "how to" anything. They represent that people to whom you will sell a product to help them with their problem or need.

Step 2:- Give them something valuable and free to build trust.

Find something that you can offer these people for free that will build trust with you and your brand - that being you! That something can be a newsletter or an ebook that can help them with their problem, but not help them too much, otherwise they will not buy from you when you want to sell to them. You offer this to them in exchange for their email address, which is step three. Once they provide you with their email address, you can begin to build your list that you will market to over the next few months and even years.

Step 3:- Get their email address so that you can build a list to market to.

Build a basic opt-in page and offer that freebie in exchange for their email address.

People will see your offer and if they are interested in that freebie, if they self-identify as being part of that hungry market, they will gladly provide you with their email address to get that freebie. Once they are on your list, you can begin to start offering them timely information on how to solve their problem and you can do that in the form of a series of emails. After you have built up trust with your subscribers you can begin to start offering them products that they can purchase to solve their problems.

These people will become the hungry market that you were trying to identify in step 1 and will be the source of your future income.

Step 4:- Locate a product or products to solve their problems or fill their needs.

When you have located a product that solves their problems you can begin to slowly market this product to them. the more that buy your recommended product, the more sales you generate. The more sales you generate the more profit you make. Profit is good, because that is your income! Also identify more than one product that you can recommend to your subscribers so that you can offer a choice or selection to them. Ideally, you should find three products that can solve the problems of your market so that you can offer them a choice.

You will be able to find many options on Clickbank, or any other similar website that promotes affiliate products.

Step 5:- Recommend complimentary products to your subscribers to increase your income.

One your market starts buying products remember that you can offer them complimentary products on the "back end" after they have made their first purchase. For example, if the niche you have targeted is the stop smoking niche and the primary products in your offers are stop smoking products, the complimentary products could be anything from breath fresheners to room deodorizers to anything that would appeal to a person just in the process of trying to quit smoking.

And in the process you will generate another money making activity that will be perfectly suited and tied in to your primary offer. This back end sale will increase your income and your bottom line so don't neglect it on any offer you choose to promote.

This five step plan works in a niche so when you achieve success in your chosen niche, repeat the process in another niche and duplicate your success.

This process is not dependent on only one niche, but is scalable and repeatable in any niche that you choose to exploit.

When you master one, expand your efforts and venture into another.

The secret to generating a repeat and residual income is to focus on what works, scale it up, repeat it and do it over and over again.

In that way you will be generating income from more than several sources and grow and expand your online presence and income.

Create Your Residual Income Today!

How to Make Passive income Online!


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