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Rewarding yourself for Work Done

Updated on December 26, 2013


One of the ways to improve productivity in your work is to reward your self from time to time. When you reward yourself after every writing session it helps to make the work interesting. It generally helps you to increase your productivity. In the case of writing, you can escape the writer’s block when you get to enjoy the writing process. Taking a break from your work even helps you to come with solutions and great ideas.

Importance of Recreational activities-Advice to workaholics

Some people are so much into their work. They fear taking a break from their work because just the thought of that sends them a signal of failure. As a matter of fact taking a break from your work and relaxing is very helpful and positively affects your productivity. At least to some extent, it is good for your health. During recreational periods such as conversing with your friends, you would be able to deduce so many ideas to support your work. Recreational periods are the moments when most of the answers or work solutions occur to you. Being a hard worker doesn’t mean that you always have to be on your work. Taking some time off really helps in improving your productivity and your health.

You must be Disciplined

Separating your working period from recreational periods will help you to focus more on your work. However, having recreational periods in between your working hours entails a lot of discipline. Your working periods and recreational periods could coincide and consequently impede your productivity. When you do not draw strong lines of distinction between work and recreational periods you are likely to waste the working hours to do unproductive stuff. In simple words without enough discipline, your recreation period could eat into the working periods. If you merge the two inappropriately, you would find yourself deviating from your main objective or line of work.

Fun Activities to Relax with

You can take a break from your work by listening to relaxing music, watch a movie, or even play a video game. There are other fun recreational activities that you can also get involved in- such as spending some time with your friends to converse (especially about the topics that you write about), playing music, dance aerobics and other activities that at least can keep you away from your computer for some time.

How to separate your work periods from recreation periods

*In my point of view it would be appropriate if you rather play video games with consoles connected to your TV, play music with your sound system or iPod and also watch movies with your DVD player, and rather keep your computer solely for working and not as an entertainment device. This will help you to be more productive. In the case of writing, you would be able to come up with more ideas to support your assertions anytime you sit behind your computer. As a professional writer, you must understand that the environment that one chooses to write is very important. It profoundly influences your productivity. Choosing the appropriate place and time to write can either make you write more or encounter a writer’s block. As a professional or aspiring writer- you should understand that your device or tool for working (notepad or a computer) forms part of the environment or the atmosphere you would have to create to influence or improve your productivity. You must understand that in any profession, if one uses his tools for any other purpose other than working, you would be sabotaging yourself.

When you use the computer for other stuff like watching videos and playing music, you end up always deviating from your work.

Do work that is your hobby

If you still find difficulties in separating your recreational period from your working periods then you should think of changing your work to do something that really interests you; something that you are less likely to consider as work and more as a hobby. This will help you to enjoy your work and be much more productive. You can excel more if you do stuff that interest.

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