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Rewards Central

Updated on May 20, 2013

What is Rewards Central?

My personal experience with Rewards Central

Rewards Central is an online program, exclusively for Australian Residents, in which member can earn rewards points and extra cash. There are heaps of options that can accelerate your rewards points and they also have an e-bank option in which you can deposit your points and earn extra interests. Moreover, when you choose to shop on your favorite online shops through RewardsCentral, you can get extra points as well. And if you a survey-person, join MyOpinions and each time you get 100 points on MyOpinions, you can transfer the points to RewardsCentral.

RewardsCentral is free to join, I joined it early this year and have already got my first $30 cheque in June.My friend who joined RewardsCentral 2 years ago have already received more than five $30 cheques, so I can confirm that RewardsCentral is totally scam-free.

However, I must advise you that RewardsCentral nor MyOpinions are a quick-scheme online money making. It is free so there is no way you're going to get thousands of dollar in short amount of time. Earning a reward point takes time and it takes a bit of luck to win the RewardsCentral games. However, if you do it everyday, you're on your way to earn extra cash which will be handy for festive season or for rainy days.

Options to earn points at RewardsCentral

1. Online Shopping

There are over 50 Rewards Partners (such as FishPond, Best Western, HotelClub, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, and many more) in which when you purchase anything from these partners, you'll earn points, depending on the dollar value you paid. For example, if you book an accommodation at Holiday Inn, you'll earn 4 points for every $1 spent. So if you spent $100, you'll earn 400points! Please note that it usually take a minimum of 45 days after your check-out date before the point is awarded to your RewardsCentral account.

2. Quick Survey

Answer simple questions to earn points each day (when available) and you'll earn 3 points for each question you answer.

3. Web Clicks

Click on a link every day and you'll earn 2 points.

4. Free Guessing Game

You'll get a chance every day to guess a winning number. Each winning number will give you 2000 points.

5. Offers

Register to receive offers from different companies and if applicable, you can follow the option for each offers and each offer can earn you a minimum of 10 points.

6. Deposit the points in e-bank and earn interests

The interests earned are based on the points you deposited and the deposit terms. If you think you're not going to redeem the points in a few months, it's better to deposit it. Note that a penalty will occur if you decide to withdraw the points early.

7. Rock, paper and scissors game

This game can only be played using tokens, you can convert 100 points into 20 tokens and you'll get the following prize:

Win at Level 5 Collect 5 points or continue to Level 6

Win at Level 6 Collect 15 points or continue to Level 7

Win at Level 7 Collect 40 points or continue to Level 8

Win at Level 8 Collect 100 points or continue to Level 9

Win at Level 9 Collect 250 points or continue to Level 10

Win at Level 10 Collect 1000 points

9. Your friends

If your friends join RewardsCentral from you and earn 400points, you will receive 200 points.

9. Points from MyOpinions

Transfer a minimum of 100 points from MyOpinions account to your RewardsCentral account. I have created a separate page about MyOpinions. Feel free to look at it and ask any question at the comment box below.

How to earn the cash?

If you have 3300 points, you can request a cash out. At the moment, there are two cash out options:

Cash out method

- Cheque

- Direct Deposit

Cash out value

- Redeem 3,300 points for $30 cash out

- Redeem 10,100 points for $100 cash out

Or you can choose to redeem it for a gift card

So, if you have at least five minutes per day and want to earn extra cash, join RewardsCentral now. Yes, it's my referral link, but if you prefer to join it directly that's fine with me. I'm here to share my knowledge and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to leave comment below.

My own personal experience with Rewards Central

What I really like about RewardsCentral is that it's a fun way to earn extra cash, and I don't need to spend a bit chunk of my time there. I spend mostly around 10 minutes per day (depending on the number of outstanding offers, unread emails and quick surveys). The beauty of it is that every single day when you login, you'll definitely earn 2 points through their web click reward system. And if your profile is complete, sometimes there are heaps of emails that you can read each day, and most emails give you at least 5 points or you can choose to have entries for $10000 competition instead of points.

Free Guessing Game

Free guessing game is a game you can play every day and gives you the chance to win points, possibly up to 14,000. You are allowed to make 5 guesses every day. You might choose to guess 5 different numbers, and if one of those numbers is correct, you'll win 2,000 points. Or you might choose to guess the same number 5 times, and if it's the winning number, you'll win 2,000 points for each correct guess, making it 10,000 points. I won 2000 points once. :-)

My earning

I redeemed my 3300 points in June and $30 was deposited straight into my bank account in July.

Last month, my points were 2300 points.

And this month, thanks to My Opinions Surveys, as of today, 24th November 2010, I've accumulated 3063 points, means only 237 points to go before I can redeem my next $30!

Image Copyright: All images above are the screenshot from Rewards Central my personal account.


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    @anonymous: completely agree a waste of time

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    What a Load of CR@P takes FOREVER to get anything

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    This sounds very similar to our MYPoints program. Very well displayed. Best wishes.

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    great info. thanks!