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Rolling Over 401k to Silver and Gold

Updated on September 13, 2014

How to Rollover a 401k investment into a Precious Metals IRA

A lot of 401k participants are not happy with their portfolios, which is really not that surprising given the different types of high-yielding assets that are missing as options. The more conventional strategies of 401ks with their restrictions and the possibility of ending up with some poor performing securities with a 401k, all combined to create some level of discontent, in the light of some real concern about the future of the economy. This is why most of them are looking for some ways to change or convert their investments in 401k to silver investments, in one form or the other.

Silver As A Retirement Investment Option

All types of investors are usually interested in one or more precious metals. While gold may be the poster boy, even a new investor can readily how silver tops as one of the best assets to invest in, for the future. Though not as highly appreciated as gold, it is however a very valuable metal, despite the fact that it usually commands a lower price for each ounce when compared with gold. An astute observation of the prices of silver over time has shown that it is a powerful and efficient investment tool and option for fighting inflation.

Price is actually not the only reason why most people invest in precious metals such as silver. Precious metals on their own have some inherent value that aids them in performing quite very well, when compared to some other types of securities and financial instruments. At a minimum they would in general keep in step with inflation.

Using assets like silver to reduce the effects of inflation can help in preserving an investor's wealth. Most retirement investors will typically reflect at some point in time, on the negative effect of inflation over time on 401k savings, which may be held as cash deposits and paper investments, should give investor some concerns.

Having some silver securities in your investment portfolio, should remove some of the concerns about the effect of inflation, on the value of the investment over time or in the nearest future. The quantity of silver in existence is finite; a government can therefore not create or generate it out of nothing. When there is too cash in circulation and its leads to inflation, people will generally need to pay more to invest in the same thing, whereas the same measure of silver or less may be used to acquire the same quantity or volume of products.

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Changing Your 401k to Silver Investments

Are you thinking of implementing some changes with your 401k retirement plan? You should not be constrained by anyone on your investment plan or choices. A broker or an employer will generally place some limits on a retirement plan like 401k in order to look out for themselves. Many businesses may use most of their employees' 401k contributions solely to buy or purchase the companies' own stocks.

You should therefore seek for some advice and options for your investments in order to avoid some of these limitations. Although many 401ks restrict the type of investment choices that may be available to customers, you should however try to find out if your own 401k plan would allow some investing in silver. Putting your 401k funds into some silver investments can a wise move. With silver you are able to have tax advantages of 401ks, and hedge against inflation and a fleeting currency.

Hedge Against Inflation with Silver

Hedge Against Inflation with Silver
Hedge Against Inflation with Silver

Transfer Or Rollover 401k to Silver IRAs

Most retirement plans may restrict or not permit some of the investment changes you may need. Are you getting a new job? If so, then you have the option of rolling over your old 401k plan to either your new employer's 401k plan or to a silver IRA.

If you must cash out your 401k, then you should do some research on rollover silver IRAs or use funds to buy physical silver. It is important to talk to the IRA custodian about your options so that you can avoid tax liabilities and unnecessary expenses.

If the funds in your 401k account are very small, you may want to cash out and use the proceeds to buy some silver, if it is worth it. You will need to determine how much you may have to pay in penalties for cashing out your 401k and in taxes too, before you can do this. Usually your best option is rollover your 401k into a silver IRA together with other precious metals.

Before you can start with a silver IRA, you will need to do some review of the custodians (that is, the institutions that oversee IRAs) first. All custodians may offer some silver investment options according to the IRS regulations, this is however not compulsory. A lot of custodians generally may not offer or provide silver investment options. Your first step then would be to find a custodian that may have such options.

As soon as you are able to get a custodian who may help you with rolling over your 401k plan to a silver IRA, you will need to review the options that the custodian provides and how much it costs. Some custodians may offer a few silver investment selections. Others may offer or provide a self-directed IRA account. Custodians are typically known or categorized by their fee structures, you will therefore need to get an account that would be reasonable and give you a variety of investment possibilities. It must be ideal for your circumstances. Ask them and they are qualified to give an recommendation, given your circumstances.

Once you select a custodian, you may then brief the custodian about your situation. You will need to inform your 401k administrator that you want to know how to rollover your 401k plan into a silver IRA. The most important part of these, is to get your 401k plan (and administrator) to write a check that will be forwarded to the custodian of the IRA account. Once this is done, the withdrawal of your 401k funds will not be considered as income.

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Diversify the Precious Metals Investment

You will need to decide on how you will want to allocate the new funds in your silver IRA. A silver IRA will typically have some other types of investment in addition to some silver investment options, you may wish to invest in those too. You may get a lot of silver investment options with your IRA account.

If you prefer to invest in silver metals, then you need to decide about investing in some silver bars or coins, or both. Some countries may issue some silver coins on their own. Some coins include the following: Australian Kangaroo, American Silver Eagle, and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs. Silver bullion bars may be distributed to dealers through companies like Credit Suisse, for example.

You may also invest in silver stocks along with various investments through your IRA. Silver ETFs lower tax burden as compared to silver index funds. Converting or changing your 401k to silver investments will not only work for you now but will also preserve your finances and wealth, under different types of economic conditions.

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