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running for President

Updated on October 20, 2009
I see a lie comming from a mile
I see a lie comming from a mile

This has been a hard decision for me to make. All of my friends should know first because soon after my name is chosen my the RNC as there candidate for President my life will belong to the public.

It's been a long battle to get this far, after law school I promised that I would only do good with the powers that I had learned. I worked various law enforcement jobs from Florida to Georgia, some undercover work as well. If the judicial system has taught me one thing in all these years is that it's to dam big for it's own britches.

In seeking this nomination from the people I declared to slow things down just a little and I have already set in motion several of my benefactors filing motions to cease and desist any and all new laws after November 1, 2009. The reason for this is that at my last count the State statue book were thicker than the bible and much harder to read. Unemployment may become an issue again for several lawyers in the country. The office should not be a permanent position but a sounding board of power to the people of this great country.

Upon arriving in the White House the first order of business will be to fire the cook. What kind of President doesn't cook his own meals. On a more serious note here we have problems in several areas of the constitution that have been chipped, cracked, and in need of refacing. The constitution will be on full display in every school along side of the most important document we hold so close to our hearts, the Ten Commandments.

I know in talking about the Ten commandments may offend several people. It has been told to me by a multitude of great and wise people that if you plan to bake a rather large cake you just have to break a few eggs. There is no one President that will appeal to the senses of all people in all states but I will try to bring together these people in such a way that will show their importance. As I mentioned before there will always be a need for lawyers one thing that come to mind is setting up a table of contents in English of all the laws of the land written for Federal facilities. I do have faith in our military so after finishing up a few loose ends   they can all come home for a much needed rest and overhaul.

The IRS system as we know it today will rewarded for their long time in service however no longer needed. We must help the week ,poor and distressed as well . So I have started a plan to pick up trash on all Federal Hwys in America this should take these non working people about three months to accomplish. Employment will be at an all time high from this point on. Manufacturing plants will be working full time to get goods overseas as all tariffs have been lifted for a two year period just to see if the this process can work. However the borders to Mexico have been lined with troops coming home from war as a place of rest and relaxation. 

To touch a little on health care the system has been so screwed up with every politician under the sun making deals I'm not sure how to start. I just know that regulation of products and prescriptions should be held in the highest regards and not given away. If we don't allow out smartest people in this country make money there will be no incentive to explore into the unknown. However a complete revamping of the current health care providers and having no borders on insurance companies should be a great start. The Government insurance  that our current Senator's and Congressman know enjoy will no longer be.The Heads of those departments will have to consult with their insurance provider for coverage just like the rest of us.

Term limits on Congress and Senator's, This will probably meet with a little resistance at first. It may take me a couple months to settle down and get the people needs in order but as God is my witness it will be done.

Oh by the way I look forward in working with Sara and others at the White House. This is going to be a long road and I have a lot to learn so can I count on all my partners on Face Book.


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    Humphrey Sr. 8 years ago

    I would like to apply for a cabinit post as soon as you get settled in. Any post will do, but the Fair Tax one will do as soon as you get rid of the I.R.S.