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How sales job slowly impacts amd changes the human mind

Updated on August 11, 2014

Complexity in thinking leads to excessive level of illegal turnover of emplo

There found an important caus in sales department that leads to excessive level of sales peoples turnover that is with the job length expansion the complexity of human minds thinking and analytic activity increases in an abnormal rate. It is true for all people that with the increasing of age the complexity of human thinking become complex to complexes. We everyone know about the world famous psychological test about childrens analysis about problem solving vs the aged peoples analysis about problem solving. Where childrens thinks about the problems and solutions in an easy way as possible as easier he can do. But the aged people thinks about the problem and identify the solution in a complex way. As a result they sometimes make wrong in proper solution. Comparing this psychology test with the junior sales executive or new recruited sales executive with a senior sales executive or a area manager, there found when a junior employee pocess an ethical view of his mind there his senior team member or area manager starts to making complexity in interrelation between themselves and that is only due to for the thinking of fact in a more complex way than sustainable way.

In sales job such kinds of human thinking complexity is more than other job

Increased complexity rate of human thinking is significantly more than the others job. A lot of evidence are found in a random field study in different organisations sales department in different divisional and regional sales depot. Few technical questions are sets to identify to whom any job any sales people loves in there sales team. Most from the respondent explore a true themes that the sales executive who is fewer job length he is more popular than the higher job length. Not only that the sales people of the fewer nob length is more easy and straight forward thinker than the senior employee. In this case I am highlighting only the moral thinking of the human mind. The new and fewer job length sales executive do not know enough the complexity in an organization in terms of organizational politics. But seniors are familiar with this kinds of things. There found that when a new employee trying to do more task as more as possible if his boss become pleased with him in view of building a good career development in organization there his boss is trying to replace an experience people in place of the new employee by within few days removing him from the job. Because his bosses conscious that if an experiences should be replace instead of him it may happen good sales. He tries to hier an experience people from outsources.

Is there morality downsized.

Is there morality downsizing? What is the morality? Morality is the human behaviours traits that includes with few human charactistics for what human can differ from other animals. Man can not do such kinds of things that his moral mind restrict himself. It is the learn of all religion in world. To be a human must have to moral in mind. But its a matter of scientific research why morality of a sales peoples are downsize. To investigate there needs an allocation of different parameter of causes. After allocating the different data there needs an analysis. The most of the data should be based on education, competitors, working styles, turnover rate etc.

politeness vs morality

Most of the sales executives in front of customer is seems to very polite. It is the first requirement to becoming a good sales executive. Without politeness no sales executive can sell a good sales in their job. The politeness is in this case in view of gain something. Trying to allure someone who is customer or to whom the product of the company must have to sell. Is it a politeness or a real life acting of politeness to sell something to whom a sales people is trying to sell. Its may be correct most of them are exactly polite and gentle. Few of them may be polite or gentle. Every one is acting as a gentle as possible he can do in view of sell something more. And they are well trained to act as polite or gentle. Whatever once a period of time, after completing a long course of action of politeness his everthing become polite and gentle in society. But could he become moral? The answer is no in most case. Because morality is an eternally matter that should not be coincide with any acting to gaining something. A thif or a fraud may be look so polite or gentle. If he do not looks so gentle how he will make a close interaction with a gentleman to theft or fraud somethings from this gentleman.

How slowly a sales people become immoral?

There needs a long distance to journey to become immoral from a moral characteristics. There should cross a lots of stages also. No one specific stage is found whigh is highly responsible to make a human immoral. The action of all possible causes are responsible for this happening. The first step is that when he teaches that to sale something he must have be act as a polite people. It is a message of allure ness. This leads a sales executive to learn tgat to sell his product he can do acting, he can tell a lie ete. Telling lie is the most common behaviour in selling job. A sales executive tells a lie shamelessly with customer, customer also tries to gain in any way from sales executive more benefit, superiors are involved in tellin lie with subordinates, subordinates are involved in telling lie with superiors. If any people involves telling lie in such an abnormal rate how he can protect his character from spoiling. How he be moral. Truthfulness is the first requirements of morality. Telling a lie in sales job may consider as a fraudulent activity. Now it is a very important discussion about that why such kinds of false things happens in this job?


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