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How telling a lie is becoming a common culture in sales job

Updated on August 12, 2014

The environmental factors leading a sales executives to telling a lie as a protective action

Every animals in world search a protective force to cope with the environmental factors. Climets are changing hence the environments are also changing. The tenperature of the atmosphere gragradually increasing with the increasing of carbon dioxide. The ices of the pole region are melting. For this reason low lands are getting under water. What will animal do in a changing environment. But amimals must have to do something for survival. Surviving is the mainting the continuity of the living organism. To cope with the changing environmental factors the animals are continuously regenerating there genetic structure and DNA structure. That is called evolution of the living organism. Charles Darween in his written book "Origin of Species" first briefly describes the theory of evolution. Human being is also a living organism which scientific name is Homo Sapiens. Human beings also change in an changing environmental factor to cope with the change. It is necessary action for human to surviving. This action may defined as a protective action. Now just try to explain the cause of taking a protective action by sales executive in sales job, "telling a lie". In most of the direct selling job sales executives take telling lie as a protection action to save the job and to survive in the job.

How and why sales people takes telling lie is a protective action?

This techniques of selling people in a sales job is taken telling a lie as a protective action for a plenty of causes. Most common and major cause of teking such kinds of shameful techniques and process is only for the lackings of trustworthiness of the line management upon on a sales people. But for autonomy of a business process and to generating an effective sales it is very important to introduce of trustworthiness. Why such kinds of lacking of trust and faith exists in a sales job? This is due to a sales executive have to operate his job in field level to promote the product to customer. A sales supervisor have to manage at a time 5 or 6 number of sales people. Most of the case this number may excede more than 10. In this case it is become impossible for a superior to monitor and supervise at a time all of his sales executives. So all time a supervisor suffers in a doubt abot his subordinate that it may any one of the sales executive is not doing the work effectively. A doubtful character grows in mind of supervisor. On the other hand few sales executives takes the oppurtunity. The sales supervisor tends to monitor his subordinate just like a detective manner. But most of the employee does not accept easily the detective character. Moreover, superior tends to implement most of the time of a sales executive in field, because he have a wrong belif about the fact that if any employee spends more time in front of a customer there will be good sales. Due to having no time framework in job, sales executive tries to manage their relaxation by telling lie.

A false culture how leads turnover?

A corrupted people get enjoy to punish a corrupted people. Before giving him a punishment the Justice never think that he is also involved in such kinds of crimes. Moreover, he tries to more aggressive manner to punish the corrupted to prove himself that he hates all kinds of corruption. Now an woderful situation is exists where a thief strongly hate another thief and stealing. A rover makes a long speach against rovery. A lier strongly hate them who tells a lie. Another things is that who is familiar with long time talking with lie he will lose his all of the view of a proper and an authentic judgement. Peoples highlights the negative side of other than the positive sides. No one willingly praise for someone's good job in a false culture but everyone enjoys in highlighting the fault of any one. If some one blamed in a false culture for false he will be punished by he who is all time familiar with false.


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