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Online selling and its basic difference from offline selling

Updated on August 18, 2014

Online selling is the tern that indicates selling produced goods or service through online using world wide web. In online selling there may be any kind of product or service. Product may be brick and morter style or click and morter style. It is a parts of eCommerce. The basic difference of eCommerce is that eCommerce is selling and buying product through internet. Online selling is selling product or goods through internet. In this case there have a online billing system. The customer should be familiar with the internet and also he have to familiar with the online billing system. There have a lot of organization that provides a online money transfer facilities. Seller and buyer also can chose these option of online money transaction method for an effective business. The only difference of the online selling from offline selling, in offline selling there have an option of door to door personal contact with the customer to sell the product with the physical presence of the sells people. But in online selling there have no option of the sales people to directly door to door contact with customer with the physical presences of the sales people. But there have to maintain different techniques for presenting the product or services to the computer screen of the customer. There are needs technical and theoretical knowledge and skill to operate the online selling effectively. There needs acquire knowledge in different language, knowledges in marketing, even psychology and the culture of different people. Search engine optimisation is required in this case.

Difference between online selling and offline selling

There have a far difference between online selling and offline selling. In online selling seller and buyer boths are in online and operate tbere business process through online. For example a seller take order through online, get paid through online. On the other hand the customer give order through online, make oayment through online. If the product of the company be a brick and morter style product, in this case they may chose a physical distribution channel. For example an online book store choses tbe both distribution channel, a online distribution of the soft copy of the book or a hard print copy of the book distribution by postal mail to the cusromers address. Any one can find the books soft copy by downloading. Movie, musics, software, mobile and computer game is the digital product. These have a options of downloading. It is easier to cover the customer worldwide through online selling, that is not so easy to do by offline system. In a offline selling system an individual sales people can coverage the short area given to him for promoting the product. Now a days the online selling system is considered the highest level of flexible natureof selling. On the other hand the offline selling is a difficult tasks. Where in offline selling the oral skill of good speach is important to make attraction of the customer to purchase the product, there in online selling system there needs a high level of written skills to attract the customer to purchase the product.

few formats of online and offline selling

Most common offline selling is a job of a medical representative in pharmaceuticals industry. Here a Medical Representative have to promote the drugs and medicines of the pharmaceutical industry to generating the sales. They have to promote the product to the doctor for prescription. Each prescription increase, increase the demand of the product. By creating the demand of the product in market they generates the sales. The examplr of the online selling is most common is the selling of mobile and computer software, games, electronics, musics, movies, books, etc. These are the digital goods. The services are email providing, social media services, electronic money transfer, money transaction, etc.

Flexibility between online selling and offline selling

Online selling is a most flexible nature of work. With tbe emwrgence of Internet the popularity of online selling is increasing day by day for its highest flexibility. On the other hand the offline selling is a hard task to do the job. It is a difficut task. A offline sales executive have to avoid the the storms and rains to reach in front of customer. He have to avoid hot and cold weather. He have no office place to sit on in maximum case. Whatever the weather he have to go to customer. Another theory of sales he have to maintain, that is customer relationship management. For thjs theory a offline sales executive have to maintain the frequenty contact with the customer, either if the sales have been happened or not, only for the reason of making a personal relationship with the customers. If any gap in the relationship happened in this case an existung customer may br loosen. With the aggressive activity of the competitors a sales executive have ti be aggressive in nature. He have to increase the customer contact as more as possible.

Switching of offline sales executive to online sales

There have a lot of evidence of switching of offline sales executives to the online sales. It have been possible for excessive level of increasing the internet users. Most of the respondent answer about their switching on online sales is for higher income oppurtunity and highest level of flexibility of working style. Every peoples wants a flexible nature of working. They search for flexibility. The knowledge employees are found in an increasing rate that they are changing there working style and they are switching to online. Because the online selling is more flexible than the offline selling. Moreover, the price of computer, laptop is in an affordable cost. Not only that it is possible to start an online selling by a smartphone, Android etc. Internet using through the mobile phone become easier. Hence it have been introduce more flexibility. Now any one can do his work through internet by a mobile phone from anywhere he is. Is he in train or bus, is he in boat or in gossip, whatever he can browse internet and can do the work.


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      Sam Deal 3 years ago from Earth

      Do you also sell items online and offline?


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