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How the barriers should overcome to sales product to customer?

Updated on August 17, 2014

Barriers in sales

In a sales job first requirements is to reach in front of customer carrying the product information in order to sell the product. Selling is not just like a children's game with toy. It is so creative and innovative things. With changing of the moment the selling skills have to change. The first things is that a sales executive have to suffer a lots of problem to reach in frint of customer with product information with its feature, benefit and advantages. A good sales executive have to overcome the barriers. This overcoming of the barriers can make similarity with the plants in biology. Plants need the energy from sunlight. Energy is required for producing food by glycolysis process. If plants are covered by something to hide from sunlight, plants will changes its physical structure and will propagate its whole body towards the sunlight in an easier route it finds. Just like the same nature of plants, sales executives have to changes their behaviour and strategies to reach to the customer. Most common example may be job in pharmaceuticals as a post of Medical promotion officer or Medical Representative. The doctor is the first customer of the company. To reach in front of doctor a medical representative have to cross a lots of the barriers. Differents professional peoples have to cross by a medical representative, different professional people have to communicate. Every peoples have every individual characteristics, each of the professional peoples are culturally different from each others. But a sales executives have to make effective communication with all kinds of professional people. For this reason the sales people have to change in changed culture.

Internal and external barrier

Barrier may be two types. Barrier that is created by own or existing in organisation is called internal barrier. If one wants to sale a product to a customer, he needs to go to customer with product information with its feature, benefit advantages, etc. Every product is a scientific matter, if it be seems normal or sophisticated. How number of product knowledge a sales executive should be acquired about the product that depends upon the quality of the customer. If someone have little knowledge about the product, he will feel less comfort to detail with the customer. Such kinds of barrier is the internal barrier in sales. If a medical Representative wants to generate the sales of Rosuvastatin he must have to do an effective detailing to the doctor. Hence, it is important to know about the unique feature and benefit of the Rosuvastatin. He also have to know about the fact why and how Rosuvastatin can be put in an effective and efficient position. Company also have more internal barriers. The barriers that have been created by the external forces out sides the company is called external barriers. These exter al barreiers includes the perception capabilities of the customers, customers views and behaviour, reputation, market demand of the product, etc.


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