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Few common crimes in sales that leads to employee turnover

Updated on August 10, 2014

Common crimes held by sales executives

There have a lots of crimes held by sales executives in sales job that leads in termination of sales executives. Very common crime is found migration sales. Migration sales usually happened due to pressure on employee to achieve the sales target and when target is in an abnormal stage than real.Migration sales is such kinds of sales held by sales executives when he sales his product outsides of his responsible territory. Just for example, if any sales people is responsible to sale product in territory A, but he made a sales of his product in territory B through collecting a order from the customer of territory A and migrating this product to the customer of territory B. In such kinds of migration sales organization affacted and the sales executives of territory B is also affacted. Company affected in such a way that there have no sales activities have been done by the sales executive of territory A, but he enjoy the salary and incentive from company offered, because he achieved his target. On the other hand the sales executive of territory B will be affacted adversely. There will be create a surplus of the product in territory B. Hence it will be very difficult to achieve sales target in territory B. Very common punishment in such kinds of crime is termination. Customers are also do migration of product. Such kinds of migration of product are found if company offer any customer a huge discount in product price. Then few customer purchase a huge amount of product with discounted price and migrate product to distance and gain more benefit.

Miss using of promotional materials is a sales crime

Another common crime of sales executives are miss use of promotional materials. The word miss use have a wide range of meanings. Miss use of promotional materials are only then consider as a crime when any employee gain benefit from it or when he sale it and enjoy its benefits or owned it by theft. Just consider if any medical representative promotes atorvastatin or simvastatin to eye specialist, he have made a miss use of promotional materials, because Atorvastatin and Simvastatin is a lipid lowering agent that should be promote to cardiologists, not to eye specialists or pediatric doctors. That is a miss use of promotional materials. It does not consider as crime but it considered as lackings of selling skills and knowledges. But if any medical representative sale the promotional materials it considered as theft. Usual punishment of such kinds of crime is termination.

Creation of under rating of the product price is another example of crimes of the sales executives. For under rating of product price there a plenty of causes are responsible. For this company, sales peoples, competitors activities are also responsible. What mean by underrating? Under rating is the term when the available market rate of product price is lower than the company's offered prices to sale the product. Just for example, the companies setting prices of paracetamol is higher than the price of same branded paracetamol available. In the selling job of pharmaceuticals sales there have a lot of evidences of underrating of product price. This is a great problem in sales job. Why any customer will purcbase your product if he found same product with lower price than you offered from other sources of purchasing? But company setted a target sales upon a sales executives. A continuous pressure on a sales executive is continuously implementing to sales more. But customers arenot willing to purchase. In this case customers gets an oopportunity to negotiate with the sales executives. This kinds of negotiation included how extra benifit can customer enjoy for the reason of purchasing. Customers generally wants a benefit concerned with money or other tangible goods. In general word sales executive must have to contribute something. From where the sales executive will contribute something? He have two resourses belongs to him. One is his salary and others is promotional materials. If he contribute promotional materials underrating will stimulate in market. Another things is that customers wants how with low prices he can purchase the goods. If a humer spread on market that a specific brand of a product can purchase with lower prices, the underrating will be stabilise. That will lead a longterm harmful effect for the organization.


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