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Sales and marketing

Updated on August 8, 2014

sales and marketing and its basic difference

Sales and marketing in a normal view seems to same word, but there exists a basic difference. Though, both two terms have same mission and vision, they are difference with there concerned functions. Marketing department focusses on a wide variety of tasks where includes sales also. But sales department concerned with only promoting and generating sales. Advertisement is a function of marketing. If someone makes a banner about any product and it sets in an open space for public view. It is a marketing activity. Making ads for digital media publication is a marketing activity. Any one when cotact with costomer directly to make sale that is defined as selling activity. Selling is also a marketing function.

Types of selling job

There are different types selling proffession is available. Selling job with fixed salary, selling job with commission, etc. Fixed salary basis sales executive job highly satisfied the definition of job. Selling with commission basis does not completely satisfies the definition of job. It seems to a business of providing selling service. In this type of selling activity sales people will enjoy revenue only when sales will be happen. In this types of selling employees are not bounded with strictly maintaing of rules. But yet they have to bounded with few parameter of rules to protects the crimes in sales. Removing of employee by employer is very low in this case. But maximum of sales people leave the work willingly when they failed to gaining output from selling. As usually company offers lower demanded products to sale in comission.

Target oriented selling job

Most of fixed salary based selling job have been founded as target oriented. Every things have a goals that should be achieved by employee. But a strict target in sales make a complexity. If the target do not realized than what will be happen? Will employee be enjoy full salary? What will be the working hour of employee? If any employee achieves his target before ending of the month, can he enjoy leave? What will be tbe target? If that target become unrealistic then what may happen?

selling on the basis of product

On the basis of product or goods selling job may be classified into following groups.

Selling of tangible goods and selling of intangible goods. Tangible goods are such kinds of goods thats have physycal structure and existing for using. Just for example, medicine, television, bycycle, mobile phone these are tangible goods. All of these have a physical structure. Intangible goods are such kinds of goods that exactly have no physical structure. These types of goods are in most case usually service. Think about that you are promoting a degree course of an educational institute or a training program. The teachings quality or standardization of the course curriculum have no physical structure. It is an examples of intangible goods selling.

types of selling on the basis of way of selling

In whats way any sales people are engaged in selling of products or services, selling are in different of kinds. These are online selling and direct face to face selling and telemarketing. In a selling when any sales people uses online to sell any brick and morter or click and morter goods, any intangible or tangible goods such kinds of selling activity is called online selling. On the otherhand to sell something when you contact someone directly with your physical presence that is offline selling. If you communicate with someone to sell your tangible or intangible products or service through mobile phone and promote your product and sell your product, that is a format of sales is called tele marketing.

Domestic selling and international selling

In new emergence of business direct selling of products or services may be classify into two groups on the basis of geographical context. These are domestic selling and international selling. When any sales people engaged in selling of his products or services domestically that is called domestic selling. The word domestic concerned with inside the country. On the other hand international or global concerned with outside the country. Hence, international sales is a selling activity involved export oriented sales. Marchendising nothing but a selling job. In Garments industry Marchendising is a most popular job. It is involve with the selling of garments product in global market. Buyers handling, exporting and shipments are handled by a merchandiser.


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