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How sales job Creates Anxiety and depression

Updated on August 22, 2014

Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression is a psychological disorder. Medical science have been proved that besides of a few biochemical activity, few social facts are also responsible for progressing anxiety and depression. Job and employment is also such kinds of factors that can progress the anxiety and depression. Any kinds of mental stress can promote psychological disorder. Different job creates different impacts on human body and mind. The peoples who are found working from a long term with vibrating machines and tools, after a long period of time he founds with hand arm vibrating desease. In this case the physical stress on hand with vibration results as a physical disorder after a period of time. As same as any stress on mind from a long period may result a psychological disorder.

sales job and its impacts

Anxiety and depression have a significant relationship with mental stress. Mental stress causes anxiety and depression. Sales job are significantly found a relationship with anxiety and depression. But we know that know job will found without stress. But in sales job the mental stress is noticeable than any other job.

How mental stress create in sales job

Peaks and fluctuation of mode is a noticeable matter in sales job. Just think about that a one customer is warmly receive you, showngness to purchase your product, you become very glad. You are in peaks in mode. You went to the next customer with your smiling face, you became fickle face. Because this customer reject or avoid you. Now you are in fluctuation of mode. Such kinds of fluctuation and peaks of mode is a usual matter in sales job. This kinds of peaks and fluctuation make a mental stress.

Thinking of achieving the target creates pressure on human mind. Every times a sales executives are in tension about what they will reply tomorrow if boss ask about the sales?

There have a lots of customer. A sales executive have to contact as more as possible customer he can within a day. Hence, he have to handle a lots of people every day. This is also a pressure of his daily life.

Due to the job security is very low, the sales executives suffer al day long a unsecured condition about there job. Maximum of the employee can not clear answer that how time they can continue the job.

Due to the job nature, maximum time apart from the boss, there creates a lacking of trustworthiness. For this case the employee all time tries to make understandable that he have done the work today effectively.


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