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Oppurtunity of sales job

Updated on August 9, 2014

Market of sales job

Sales job have a wide range of market with comparing to other job. In sales department requireds huge number of employees. Because of that in a country, different geographic location have different categories of customers. To continuing selling activities in different geographic region or territories there needs a lot of employees. Hence in a per recruitment process human resources department tends to recruit as possible as more new and fresh blood. In this view it is socially beneficial for society. To reducinv unemployment problem it plays a vital role in society.

Importance of sales in company

Day by day the importance of selling is increasing. Now a days the importance of selling is considered as most important than production. Because, only selling is the key point of gaining revenue. The earning revenue is the only risk free and saffer source of investment. We all know about that to expand the business invesment is most important factor. Not only that the driving money to continuing ongoing business process comes from sales revenue.

Consider you are the owner of a business organization. You are continuing your production. Because ther have enough capital belongs to you, raw materials are available. But you have no strong field force to effectively sales of your product. No demand will create of your product in market. You have enough goods but nothing to sale. No revenue will come to you. This products will be barden on you. This condition may be defined as surplus.


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