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Email Marketing and its pross and cons, good side and bad side

Updated on August 23, 2014

Email marketing

The word email means electronic mail. Any activity of sales and marketing through email can be defined as email marketing. It is an easier method of contact with the customer directly by email. It have made the easier way of contacting with the customer. It is not anything but sending a message to the identified and authentic customer the information about the product and make the customer to purchase the product. Though it it easy to think but it is difficult to do.

Examples of email marketing

Email marketing is favorable for all kinds of product. But the digital products are mostly marketed by email marketing. In this kinds of marketing techniques the product informations are email to the customer. An HTML link of your website or product is also set with the email message. When the people to whom you send the message click on the HTML link from the email message, he will redirect to the webpage of the product information. Here there have a payment option. In which option you choose that is depends upon you. You may choose cheque option, or any other digital media option.

Legal issues in email marketing

No one can avoid the legal issues. In email marketing there have few legal restriction. Any one can not send email to whom who is not prepared for such kinds of messages. Sending messages by email to the unknown person who do nit want to such kinds of message is called spam activity. Spam is considered as a digital crime. US government have signed in the bill to protect the spam activity. Hence to send someone any email it should be consider that is this people is known to you or prepared to such kinds of email message.

In offline marketing there have a rules in few countries, that any sales executives can not promote product randomly. Just for example, no one can go to the final consumer to promotes the products information in home. To controlling the activity of Multi Level Marketing this rule have been signed by Bangladesh government. It is also prohibited to promote the product to whom who is not exactly the customer of this product. Product should promote to the specific customer who is prepared for this. Any medical representative can not promote the information of any beta blocker to any hypertensive patient. He must have to promote this to the doctor. On the other hand any pharmaceuticals can not make a banner including the indication and benefit of any proton pump inhibitor for public peoples. Another things is that a sales people should maintain the place and time. No need to go to promote to the information of an umbrella in desert, where no chance of raining. No need to go for selling a lighter dress in cold country. No need to go to sale a car to the ultra poorest people.

why spam in email marketing is a crime

Just consider, you do not need any car, because you have no interest of car to purchase, your office is not so far from your residence, even you have not enough money to purchase any car. But a sales executive of a motor company is frequently contacting with you to purchase the car. He is trying to make you interested about the car to purchase. He is trying to creating the demand of the car to you. But you are determined not to purchase the car. He is spoiling your valuable time. He is booring you. To contact with a people is not any fault. But this is the fault that he is spoiling your valuable time. Similar to that in email marketing any spam activity is just like that. To send a message to the people for what he is not prepared previously is a one kind of make problem to someone. It is also an activity of spoiling someone's valueable time.


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