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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Updated on September 22, 2012

Search Engine Optimisation - Search Engine Marketing - Digital Marketing

Hey there - I've been doing SEO and online marketing for 5 years now with alot of experience from all the boredom and the pain. I'm not one of those people who lie and tell you how easy online marketing is and i'm not here to sugar coat the mundane activities which entail online marketing, whether you are a bricks and morter business or if you are an entreprenuer - we all have to respect the online community and what it can do for our business and how our marketing can best be used to help drive sales and establishing ourselves as an online shop.

I intend to explore the light side and the dark side of the FORCCCCCE - ahem I mean the White hat vs Blackhat argument.

I have my own toolkit and my own experience with (in my own super highly egotistical opinion) the best SEO tools and services around. I will be missing out alot of crap or absolutely useless tools or I have not used them - however this lense is to help those who are on their SEO / Search engine marketing journey and would like to learn alot more, faster and use this lense to choose the right tools for your SEO toolkit.

I will dvelop this lense in order of:

SEO Tools - Individual Tools which you can use. The effective and the damnright awesome.

SEO Toolkit - Combination of Tools to gain more productivity.

SEO War Machine - Unleashing the ultimate SEO tools - Can only be described as an SEO War Machine

Oh and just incase anyone missed the metaphor in the picture - Its black and white and the lovely sweet ladies from the 1960's are all bags of groceries. Hehehe this represents the SEO War Machines. I was going to use a Blackhat with the words SEO on it but this Squidoo lense is about SEO, the good, the not so good and the downright awesome.

Sorry no rubbish tools or time wasters allowed, we just aint got the time for them.

Black Hat SEO

For the downright devious and those who can think

Black Hat SEO - Some cower in fear, some speak in awe whilst others scratch their heads.

What is Black Hat SEO? Ok I'm not even going to try and explain, the internet is full of 'misinformation' alot more people are deluded into thinking its the dark arts which will banish your site forever, whilst others swear its part of the unholy and the devine google will strike you down and make sure you get a one way ticket to sandbox. People can trick the bots and people can play with the bots and manipulate them into 'seeing' what the webmaster 'wants' them to see, whilst other tactics such as sneaky 301 redirects, temporary URLs / throw away urls and setting up shop across a 'farm' of domains across different C class IP's etc can all be considered black hat etc. The bottom line is - some of this stuff is awesome, if you use the 'power' responsibly and if you have the patience to harness or master the use of Black Hat tools - you can change your hat from the conspicious shift looking black hat to a rather dusty looking grey hat.

Yes White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO have a different agenda but both of these ways of 'online' life can be blended together to achieve something much greater than the sum of its parts. Grey Hat tactics are those which work on google and you are shaving it very thin between appeasing the search engines and proper pissing them off to the point where your site is thrown into the google sandbox or worst, your site is struck from the search engines, never to return....

Great Stuff on Amazon

White Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimisation - The proper way to do it.

White Hat SEO - This is basically what everyone SHOULD be doing on the net, it just so happens that when people started to 'naturally' drop backlinks on the world wide interwebs, we all basically did it in a VERY UNCO-ORDINATED fashion, usually in comments or in our social circle of friends online on our own websites or profiles and shared it with our readership or group members etc. However the main point of a white hat is to provide useful and attractive content which should generate backlinks naturally if it was written well and people thought it would help if they linked to it from their own web properties. Ahem. Herein lays the main problem, what if people like your stuff but wont link back to it?

Well lay the link yourself dear boi :) If you've learnt about Search engine optimisation properly, you should be familiar with the concept of

1) Writing Articles and useful content

2) Interesting Link Baiting ideas - Attracting people to link to you

3) Blogging and writing in other online areas for publication and sharing

4) Mail list building and out reaching to your fans and readers

5) OMG there is alot more than this but the main rule is not to be a nuisance and dont spam the web with rubbish. DONT SLING RUBBISH AROUND ON THE INTERNET.

6) There are paid services and stuff like PPC but that is for another lense. PPC can be epic Win or scary loss, all depends on what you do and where you do it.

Generally you are not trying to trick google and at least making a real effort in building your own part of the internet, adhearing to the good practice of internet and search engine marketing. No Trickery for your visitors or search engine robots and always using ethical means in promoting your website. One of the areas which i encourage people to learn and practice (play in other words) on is blogging and outreaching to people. REAL people.

What you quickly learn is people who buy online have one over riding fear and that is being ripped off. If you are able to create a following of people who trust and respect what you write and how you present yourself online, it is more of a natural process to trust and follow through on your advice if you genuinely care about the subject and are able to help people - by out reaching to groups or connecting with the right social networks!

SEO Training

Are you looking for SEO training or would like to know more information?

I began my journey on SEO with little more than faith in my pocket and my last chance at getting some success online. I enrolled onto what turned out to be a self taught lesson in Search Engine Optimisation. I was badly ripped off and the tool was over hyped and the support was rubbish. IF you would like to learn from an experienced marketer with 5 years worth of experience, send me a message if you are interested in learning new strategies and learn how to use your new tools effectively.

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