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Search engine optimization (SEO) by pabear48

Updated on August 9, 2015

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by pabear48

Search Engine Optimization also known as (SEO) is the most miss-understood aspect of being seen by Search Engine crawlers as they continue a never ending movement across the entire internet and then grading the sites they have crawled. Many companies spend millions to raise their SEO to be on the "First Page" when someone searches is the ultimate goal all webmasters strive for. Companies like Amazon spend millions in the hope of achieving this placement. Clearly, the multitudes have missed "How the Search Engines actually work" as they crawl the internet constantly?

I will share from my many years of being on the internet and consistently being not only on that "First Page", but on the second, the third and more, and it was and remains ABSOLUTELY FREE.

We are going to explore and share about SEO so that you may accept or reject these known ideas that work. That choice is yours! ? Or you may learn and understand and then build your own SEO placements for free and watch the results if you learn the simple truths about how the search engines actually do work, and not what they want people to think of how they work.

2015 is a good year for you to start building proper SEO for your web or your online stores.

Please take into consideration share this article? Because of the fact.

None of our hubs are monetized.

We share them because that is our thing to do.

Search Engine Crawlers: What do they look for?

By pabear48

Around the World they crawl and map every nook and cranny of the internet.

But, what are they really looking for as they crawl? That is exactly what you are going to read about on this lens sharing.

First: Forget all you have heard about "algorithmic puzzles" so many say they use. They do use them but not for optimization placement when someone searches terms at the search engine.

The keys that do matter are so simple!

As the crawlers search every url on every page is counted, and the more times the exact url is found on multiple pages the more ranking the crawler adds "IF" those pages also are "updated on a regular basis".

The crawlers count each time you update a page you control: Example is your counts the number and the dates. Now the algorithmic puzzle designed by each search engine begins to compile information about your page and or pages and this starts the placement algorithmic to generate the next added step. Which is how often does the public at large enter a search term word that matches yours and ultimately does this produce or not produce a "HIT" to your page from a new visitor?

The crawlers look for what is known as "backlinks" and how many times your page is linked from another page to another page. Every found backlink raises your popularity index image to the crawlers internal program which make the final choices of where you will appear when a trigger search word is entered by any user on the internet.

Lets look at this in a way you may test for yourself?

In any search engine or any go bar itself type in my internet handle: pabear48 Now look at the number of page hits connected to my handle.

I have been on the internet for over 12 years building constantly using pabear48 as a tag word. And, others which I will share. Some say, I am a computer NERD. If so, I am very well proud of it!

Just a few years ago my girlfriend started Annlee Cakes: Try that one as a test and see what only two years of using my methods can do in SEO placement on the First Search popup page and on more pages. We always use her tag, and other tags directed to her company. These results are from only a couple years of building a solid SEO foundation on multiple sites using CONSISTENT TAGS on every single site, and backlinks from site to site. This constant practice builds SEO for free and automatic to each site. Like building from the bottom up and making a tower of your tags along with a consistent placing of backlinks all building your sites and increasing the crawler counts, which are the keys along with consistent updating on each site. Raising your indexing is the key!

SEO is what you make it do for you! That simple!

If you want Google to notice you even more for example then use Google sites which at this time remain 100 percent FREE, and you can make, use, and update multiple sites as well. For example make one sharing about your Squidoo Lens Creations, and make links for every one from that page to your lens. On the lens include a backlink inviting people to visit your Google site about your Squidoo lens creations: Now you have firmly built solid "BACKLINKS" which the crawlers will target and number every time they crawl either site. Use the identical tags on both sites also to target word and term searches by internet users.

On the Google sites learn to use the features to highlight and create your own Meta Tag: Which is a simple description of the site. That brings us to the next SEO Key....Use the same Meta Tag description on every free site that you can and do decide to make. Sites like Spanglefish allow you to create beautiful free sites and add your own meta tag as well as key word tags. Make sure to use Google profiles and use the feature of adding your own links...creating again more backlinks that you totally control in building SEO for your self or your business. No need to spend millions? I consistently place ahead or just below Amazon all the time and have for years. Use free accounts at MSN and Yahoo and place your backlinks when you can. YouTube is another great site for your own backlinking to yourself. So is Yola which is also free.

Use MSN, Yahoo and build profiles and backlinks. Use the same tags and keywords and when able the same meta description. This is how you build your presence to the crawlers and ultimately to placement when someone searches terms and words. Those SPIDERS count how many times a word is used on a page. Yes! They do.

RSS your blogs and sites to each other when ever that option is available! Again adding to "Your foundation of placement".

If you have a business: Use Google Ad Words from time to time adding more counts to your entire placement. Keep this at a low cost by targeting specific to your area and not to the world internet. Use the options to control this. Keep the bid low and set at say 25 cents....and the total cost will be very small but it doubles your SEO counts, sites, pages and backlinks. Target around your business and this then is extremely low cost. Use the options and target ads only within say 50 miles of your business. Makes sense and makes the ad campaign very cheap and cost effective.

Try MerchantCircle if you have a business and learn how to use all their FREE applications. Again building your own backlinks, and tags.

Test this one out as it is where I first started many years ago: The Bear Cave System of Interactive try the search with Bear Cave, Bear Caves, Bear Cave System and any combination for your testing to see placements from a word or term search. Have fun! You are learning and gaining valuable knowledge as you test.

Make a tag list that actually will work?

First rule: All the tags should be in alphabetical order:

Second Rule:NEVER use a capital letter

Save a copy file of your tags that you then can open, copy and paste every time you need it.

Make some of the tags unique to your objective. For example one of mine always used is ( hraymah) Test that one in a search engine? I use this one because I have written four books with that specific word in the title, and all my other books in their tags have (hraymah) also. Again consistency and constant building affect the crawlers.

Power hint: Before ever uploading any photo from your computer: Edit its properties via right click, advanced: Place your list of tags. And fill in the form boxes....Make sure you also drop in that url...web site...YOU WANT FULLY NOTICED BY THE SEARCH ENGINES into the about box.....Use the SAME INFORMATION over and over again. DO NOT VARY ....This way every photo becomes a backlink object...Every photo adds to SEO automatically every single time you upload anywhere. Each upload becomes a tag of it self directly connecting you to it and exactly where you want the notice.

Look at our Squidoo lens creations and you will see it works even at Squidoo as well as across the entire internet.

Use the Social sites that are FREE. Build those backlinks to your other web sites, blogs and even Squidoo Creations. Patience is the key!

Build a small store on Zazzle or CafePress.....and backlink....Even a store with ten items will do the trick, and then add these products for people to discover and maybe buy: Nevertheless, your SEO rankings continue growing for FREE. And, your online shop can really grow if you make neat product designs. Best of two worlds!

Remember the crawlers watch for a page to be updated: They do not count the update? They count the activity on the page and add that to their algorithmic puzzles which are guarded as secret formulas. Well the secret is now out of the bag!

Test these simple things out yourself. Track your search placement and watch it start rising. You can do this and you can learn how simple it is to do this.

I hope the above starts you in considering how to build your presence on the internet and especially to SEO page placement.

Last suggestion is: USE only one "Screen Name" every where....Mine is pabear48



We are on the internet: Type in any search: Annlee Cakes

More knowledge? For SEO building.

Some things are anti-productive to all the above.

!. Never pay for your urls to be placed in searches. The vultures will eat you alive and they are also the ones that think they understand the search crawlers.

Some things are very productive:

2. Always submit your new built Squidoo Lens URL

ONCE AND ONCE ONLY to Google, or other search engines. This is also FREE

3. Keep your consistency in Meta Tags and tag words.

4. Use one "Screen name" everywhere, as this automatically starts building the counts by the crawlers.

5. Keep your sites and pages on a routine updating as a Major Key the crawlers do count.

6. Be patient as Rome was not built in a day and neither can your SEO placements.

7. Trade links with others: They add your link and you add their link on your sites. Never buy this idea nor pay for it online.

8. Place RSS feeds from others if they will place RSS feeds to you. A mutual gain for both of you!

9. Above all....Simply start!

Best wishes and happy building your presence on the internet. You can control your SEO !

Amazon carries our books!

At Amazon our books are avialble in paperback, hard cover for soem and on Kindle Reader for all.

Please enjoy exploring!

Bob's brand new release is titled: Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone?

Nine Months Plus One Day
Nine Months Plus One Day

A very humorous story as told by the developing baby from with Creator unto conception and then birth. The baby reveals the answers to age old questions: Like why do pregnant moms crave certain or odd foods? Fully illustrated making it a very useful instructional tool in aiding parents with growing children who ask questions? It will bring joy, tears and laughs to all genders. It explains the “magic wall” and the development within the womb. A babys perspective of leaving the Creator, learning all of life: And then facing death and birth! Based on a true life story! Absolutely PRO-LIFE! This is the must have book of the year. Illustrations are not in color!

Also available in Spanish

Annlee Cakes Crafts
Annlee Cakes Crafts

Ping My Site?

Here is a tip they do not want regular people to know about?

Do this ONLY ONCE per any site. Doing it more than once is absolutely not needed unless you do major changes or large updates to that site.

Note: PING ONLY AFTER you have made the changes suggested in above writings.

You can ping each one of your Blog Urls for example, or your web site.

WHAT DOES THIS DO? Pinging your url does one thing and that is tells them: I AM HERE and then their crawlers come and read your site, place your site and rate your site every time they now search the web. It also places the pings as automatic back-links within the Search Providers.

Note: Once pings are out---It takes up to 32 days for the indexing to affect your sites rank and position in SEARCH.

How much does this cost? NOTHING..........Totally FREE

The only thing to remember: When you paste your url and the ping engine begins doing it's robotic thing: Sit back and have some coffee for it takes TIME for it to ping thousands of search site crawlers. Sit back and watch as it automatically pings for you and you see it in action.

Here is the FREE PING SITE I use: ( copy and paste )

((((( )))))

Re-ping a site: ONLY if you make major changes or updates to an all ready pinged blog site: Or your web site.

Pinging raises the index ranks in search and even having your url pinged able to reach the first page of a tag search. Pinging is a great tool.

The key is being INDEXED by the Spiders. Those crawlers deeply following every link you have on that particular page. Of course you now know why those links linking to YOU are so very needed. Or links to YOUR blog! But pinging a specific hub url simply pings HUBS. So use SEO for your hub pages.!

The reason using PING does not work for our hub Sharings is because we are a sub domain.

Our hub url follows with a slash mark / after SO OUR HUB IS NOT READ FOR A PING

Nevertheless, OSEO does work on every sharing as do backlinks and key tag words. Ok!

But, our hub lens urls do work for Search Engine submitting. Always submit your hubs! Once


If our information has aided? Please share the link with friends!

And, if you have a few minutes to explore? Visit Annlee Cakes

Shop  pabear48  Cafe Press
Shop pabear48 Cafe Press

Organic Search Engine Optimization

By pabear48

Organic SEO is another trick they desire most do not know about. Short for OSEO

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization? Simply, it is having a link on your page that links to another page that is YOURS. And this DOES WORK on a Squidoo Lens.

Why does this work? A crawler which is also known as a spider crawls the urls within it's cache. When it crawls your page and finds another link to some where else: It then goes to that link and crawls that information and logs it into it's base configuration.

What does this do? It is called INFORMATION...The more informative a site is that is crawled the higher it is placed in ranks by the crawlers. That simple!

In other words if you look at the big sites like Amazon: Look at one page: Now count the links running from that page. Allot of them right?

That my friend is Amazon using Organic Search Engine Optimization.

What is neat! Is that no search provider gives minus ranks for link urls NO MATTER how many you have on the page: Just the reverse, the more the better rank. Just make sure those links connect with you and with the type information your page is about or spiders may determine your page is spam. If your site is a business web with many pages then no matter how many cross links back and forth are there NONE COUNT AGAINST YOU.

Have fun re-fixing your pages to draw those SPIDERS.


Pregnant Art photo is one of many designs by pabear48 for home and office and clothing.


For anyone that thinks all the above does not work: Or is not good advice?

Just type in YOUR GO BAR pabear48

YES...Right in your GO BAR....not even in a search engine...Not even with an url or www or anything.

Then awaken to controlling your own SEO


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