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Self-Employed People I Know Personally

Updated on December 8, 2012

I Know Several Self-Employed People

There are so many self-employed people in our town that I could never feature them all. I'm guessing that most small communities across America have a large number of small businesses started by individuals and families hoping to make a living at what they love doing.

I've worked for organizations over the years. As Systems Analyst at a hospital, and Director of M.I.S at a Bank, I worked many long hours on a Salary that hardly compensated me financially for the level of responsibility and intense pressure I experienced on the job. I started my working career changing jobs often as my husband was in the military and I lived with various family members while he was overseas, and we were stationed I've also had my own business and worked on contract for a variety of professionals.

Through the years, the most liberty I've experienced and my most profitable ventures were wrapped around providing computer services for attorneys, a judge, the court house, a tool sales rep and several churches and religious organizations.

Photo is from the Yarns Unlimited web page.

Maryann at Yarns Unlimited bought this storefront a little over a year ago, and took over the business from Suzanne, the lady who taught me to weave.

Watching the business go through growing pains, and make a living for many family members and friends has been an incredible honor. Knowing that the owner's heart is raising funds for the impoverished Haiti, where he has established many schools, churches and missions, makes the success of the business even more honorable.

Free Marketing 101

Our son, Jim Cockrum, has made a living writing books online, selling on eBay and Amazon and published this hardback/Kindle book last year. He has been self-employed now for 10 years. God has been faithful and his family is blessed.

Free Marketing 101 explores over 100 techniques to use in marketing online and for brick and mortar businesses.

My Sister BKatherine on Etsy - She Knits and Crochets

She works as a consultant training bookkeeping and payroll and knits, crochets and makes a large variety of crafts for annual art and craft fairs.

Her Etsy shop is seasonal, but her crafts are year round.

She's written some articles here on Squidoo also.

Just for grins, I have to tell you that I'm the Big Sister who taught her to knit!! So these Knit Felted hats are a product of my knitting class and patience.

A Sweet Little Cafe'

A Friend Established a Cafe in our Town

J K's Cheesecake Cafe is a sweet little lunch and dinner cafe in our hometown. It was established by a friend. What a great little place its become. In addition to homemade meals right on the town square where city and county employees can walk for lunch, she's started very clever art and cheesecake evenings where she has either a potter or a painter or live music on a tiny platform, some are private preregistration and some are public.

Purple Tiger

My Sister-in-Law and her Husband Sell Herbs

Several very effective herbs that she swears by, and makes a very good living selling. She has been doing this for many years and has helped many people start their own business. Vista Health Products.

Other Acquaintances with their own Business

A friend at church has a Custom Bus business and is currently building an accessible bus for a national veterans ministry.

Another friend who suffered a great deal of abuse in her first marriage started a domestic violence shelter in our community 7 years ago that is now known nationally.

Young men now in their twenties grew up in our church. They were often seen helping their dad on the roofs of houses all over our community, and now work with him in the business.

A cousin has a huge family farm.

A nephew by marriage has an app for cell-phones, and an ATM installation business.

Another young man who grew up in our church makes a living rebuilding computers and laptops.

Four women who are great friends each have their own cleaning business. Some cleaning businesses, homes and churches.

Many Pastors are self-employed. We are full-time missionaries to America's 9 million bikers and are self-employed. We make a living by speaking in churches and receiving love-offerings, have several people who send money to our account on a monthly basis, and each have our own Etsy store where we sell our arts and designs. I also write here on Squidoo.

How to Get Started

Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need
Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need

A collection of knowledge and experience from those who dove in and came out successful. Every successful venture must go through trials, but if we are the type of people who learn from others' mistakes we can avoid a lot of pitfalls. This book will help coach and lead and spare you the pain of tripping up, along with a "road-map" for the journey. With an endorsement by Robert K. Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.


Starting a new business can be a huge challenge these days, but was there ever a time when it was easy?

Every time I started my own business I got hired full-time by a networking client. I prefer being self-employed. For the last 13 years we have traveled the entire USA, all but 4 states, ministering to bikers (motorcyclists) on the road and at national and local rallies.

Do you have your own business. - If not, why not? If yes, what is it and how long have you had it?

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