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Unabashed selfish attempt at self promotion

Updated on October 10, 2009

BacikArt promotional poster

art by Jerry Bacik
art by Jerry Bacik
art by Jerry Bacik
art by Jerry Bacik
Da Vinci's Angel by Jerry Bacik
Da Vinci's Angel by Jerry Bacik

How do I promote my website?

For those who have read my bio, you know that I am an artist, and even though I have been classically trained, I now work exclusively within the digital medium. For what people tell me, I’m half way decent, but for the most part it has been a part time activity, I didn’t care about making money, I did it for self expression.

Now however I’ve found myself laid off and struggling to make ends meet, and I would like to redirect my talents toward generating some income, and therefore offer my services online, I’m confident enough with my abilities to believe that once people see my work, that they will hire me, But the problem is: how do I get people to my website, to my art, and so in an unabashed selfish attempt at self promotion this blog is to let any readers that happen upon this site, know that they can hire a artist to do their portrait from their digital photographs. If you go to my website at you can get all the specifics and contact information.

But I did want to lay out some questions to the community and hopefully get some response, first does anyone know of other ways I can publicize my work, without cost of course, I’m on unemployment and barely keeping my head afloat as it is.

And second does anyone know I can get my images to appear on google image search, I have a painting of Freud that I would like to put out in hopes some academic might use it as a book cover.

I know these pages, should give advice, or information for people looking for such things but I’m a complete novice, having only been blogging for 4 days now, and if you don’t ask you don’t learn, and if I succeed at the task at hand, I will share my knowledge as I ask you to share yours with me now, perhaps we all will learn together and so a blog with question, is almost as important as a blog with answers.


Sigmund Freud by Jerry Bacik
Sigmund Freud by Jerry Bacik


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    • lifeinprime profile image

      lifeinprime 7 years ago from Catawba County, NC

      You are blessed with an incredible talent. Awesome artistry!