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Have you ever thought of selling one of your lenses?

Updated on April 14, 2013

Did you know you can sell squidoo lenses?

Yes there is a market for quality lenses. If you enjoy writing lenses but don't like waiting for royalty payments you can sell them for quick cash. I have seen lenses worth as little as five dollars, Those lenses usually are very plain and don't have much content. I have also seen some lenses worth a hundreds of dollars.

To make a high value lens you have have to have a lot of relevant content, good quality links and back links, you should be getting lots of search engine traffic, click-outs and sales. To sell a lens first thing you need to do is have a buyer for your lens you can post it on auction sites such as or post it in your personal blog or right on the lens itself write lens is for sale.

The next step after you have a buyer the easiest way to get paid is through paypal but that's up to you. Once you receive your payment you can then transfer you lens, to do this simply go to your dashboard and look in the column on the left you will see the transfer a lens button. Then just choose the lens you want to transfer and enter the recipients email address and your done you just sold and transferred your first lens.

How to transfer a lens

This is the transfer a lens page

Link List

Lens valuation tool

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