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A Small Introduction to SEO For Beginners

Updated on July 30, 2016

SEO is concerned with making your site rank higher in the Google search results, or any search engine for that matter. Still confused? Let me explain. For example, I run a cupcake delivery & catering service, and you happen to be looking for catering for your upcoming wedding. So you type wedding catering into the Google search engine box. Google then returns 100 results. These 100 sites are sites Google found to be most relevant and important to your initial query. You would be most inclined to click on the website that was ranked first. And that's what SEO is all about. It is a process that makes sure Google (or any other search engine) understands and finds your site for relevant words or phrases. Let's do a quick tour of how the Google search results look.

Here on the top and the side you have paid ads. People paid money to get their ads placed here. But down here you have organic search results. No money is spending here.

In fact, it isn't in Google's interest to get paid here, because they will lose business if they don't provide you with the most relevant search results. Every day, billions of searches are made by people all over the world. These people depend on it to provide the best results.

But how does Google determine what these sites are? And more importantly, why did it decide this site will be ranked number one? And why are these sites ranked 2, 3 and so on? Google scans each website and according to its algorithm, it will spit back the most relevant results. Just like Coca-Cola is made up of a secret recipe, so is the Google algorithm. Except, Google's recipe is made up of about 10,000 ingredients. In this case, a SEO Specialist in Delhi - Manav Mathur said,

We shouldn't be concerned with cracking Google's secret recipe. But we should be concerned with optimizing for it.

But if you do happen to figure out the algorithm be sure to let me know. A webmaster's job is to make it easy for the search bot to understand your site and at the same time keeping it friendly for humans. While this isn't an impossible task, it does mean you need to optimize for certain key elements. Every page is made up of a few elements, and each element needs tuning for individually. Let's take a second to understand what SEO might mean to our site.

Here you see two cupcakes. Both cakes are edible and taste great. However, the cake on the right looks much more appealing. You can say that the cake on the right is optimized. The same goes for your website. Millions of websites on the internet offer excellent, relevant, and helpful information. However, not all sites are optimized.

And to properly optimize the website, you need to learn on page SEO factors.


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