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Seth Godin's Road Trip (2010)

Updated on April 29, 2013

Coming to see you (if you'll have me).


Wow... so far it's been Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington DC, LA, Atlanta, etc etc. Each city was remarkable...

Here's the plan: once a month for the next year, I'll be doing an intense perspective-changing seminar in various cities. I've never taken the seminars I do in New York on the road before, and can't promise when I'll be back, so if you're at all interested, I hope you'll take a few minutes to read the details here.

These sessions are live, interactive and off the record. There will be no video published. Atlanta and LA are right around the corner.

On the agenda but not yet scheduled: San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Seattle, Vancouver, Nashville, Toronto and some others... It all depends on how people like the first four.

You don't need more data

What you might need, though, is a different way of seeing, an immersion in an alternative approach to:

--creating work that matters

--spreading ideas

--interacting with people online

--approaching the digital world with generosity

--realizing that small things have more leverage than ever before

...and being surrounded by others on the same path who will inspire you to do even bigger things.

Some of the details:

Each event has two parts, the morning and the afternoon.

The morning session starts at 9 sharp. I'll present without notes or slides for about an hour, then start interacting with you and the rest of the audience.

At 11:45, we'll break. Half-day attendees will head back to their offices, while the fortunate full-day ticket holders get to return for more intimate and intense Q&A from 12:15 until 4 pm.

Yes, that's a lot of questions. The reason? Live interactions snap us out of our trance. When you start hearing that others are wrestling with the same issues you are, the patterns start to fall into place. The day is very fast moving and I can promise you won't be bored.


I've done sessions like this (no two are the same) in New York City for more than ten years. Here are a few of the comments I've gotten:

"I was thrilled to spend the day hearing your insights and stories during the April 16th workshop. Your easy, honest and approachable style helped me to see more deeply into your ideas and more broadly with my own..."

"I can honestly say I am a better person for it, I enrich more people's lives because of it. So I want to thank you for what you have written and shared. You already know this, but it absolutely matters. The effects are so far reaching it staggers me to think that a few minutes from a Tribes talk you gave in New York has affected me..."

"I wanted to share a success you inspired and thank you. Using an idea based on your example we were able to "convert" many kids who thought, "I'm not the type of person who volunteers," into people who do! In a single event (net cost: $0!) we:

* recruited over 800 new people, and about 500 new potential volunteers!

* collected hundreds of soup cans and toys for poor families.

* doubled our inquiry rate for new volunteers"

Mail like this is what provokes me to do these events...

One more testimonial

From Jordan Shirkman,

Thank you for an unbelievable session on how to be a linchpin. Your books have inspired me over the past year to refuse to accept the status quo, to go to the edges and to shut up the lizard brain. Your talk and the Q&A session only further reinforced my understanding of the new world of business, and I wanted to thank you for your art. In three weeks I'll be teaching my college peers about being a linchpin. My only hope is to make even a fraction of an impact on them as you have on me....

Bonus connection tool for all attendees

Everyone with a ticket has the option of submitting a biography (about you and your business or services) to a PDF that will be distributed free to all attendees. Here's an easy way to find and work with other Linchpins in your town.


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