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Effective sales promotion for big sales and big earning

Updated on December 16, 2015
To make a big money its important to make a big sales. To do this first need to create a big demand of product or service in market to coverage the highest value of sales share. In new business context marketing become a most important matter for a business organisation. In most case sales management is given a most priority in business context. In marketing an effective part of the organisation is sales promotion. Its first objecyive is creating demand of the product in market in view of generating the sales. Simply to say sales promotion is a format of sales where business people or sales executive contact door to door to the customer to generate the sales in order to achieve highest sales volume. Better example of such kinds of sales promotion is pharmaceuticals sales when a medical representative carry the product information to the doctor to generate prescription. Here for an effective sales an effective sales promotion is required. Every moment of an effective sales calls have a certain value. A sales executive must have to ensure the value. So training needs for a sales executive is important. There exists several kinds of sales call model. Different organization mantain different models. Maximum models mantain some common terms in sales calling. These are pre call sales analysis, start a sales calling and post sales call analysis. Sales calling step includes relation building, product detailing, objection handling, sales closing and others. Every point of sales should be in clear understand by a sales executive. Pre call is the very important in new sales context. Previously it was considered that frequently contact with customer and spending more times in front of customer is important for effective sales. But new conception says that a sales executive needs more time for pre analysis for an effective call.

An effective sales promotion depends on effective sales calling

A good sales calling can bring to you a big sales and big revenues. A good and smart sales calling also depends on pre calling, calling.


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