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Unhappy job with less qualified Boss

Updated on November 19, 2014
If your boss is not academically qualified just like you, even if it be less than you. Not only in academically but also in knowledges and smartness, sure your job will be unhappy. For the reason of that your boss will be affraid of your knowledges. Always he will try to uncovered any fault of you to prove himself that he pocesses more knowledges. Al time he will describe everything of you as faulty in view of that you can never think about yourself as skill for the job. He will try to make forget you that you have an empowerment. An excessive workload will give upon you in order to make you dissatisfied. An abnormal situation will create surrounding you if you commit a resignation. Because he does not want such kinds of people who is more smarter than he. It is a sily practice.


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