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What is Siebel? – A Jobseeker’s Guide

Updated on January 13, 2011

Siebel is a brand name for a series of software solutions built by Siebel CRM Systems, Inc. It is now owned by Oracle Corporation.

Siebel was founded by Thomas Siebel in 1993 and has been very popular for its product solutions for Customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise resource management (ERP) and Partner relationship management (PRM).

The main competitors of Siebel systems were Oracle and SAP and since Siebel was becoming more popular and faster, it was acquired by Oracle at the cost of $5.8 billion. . Oracle agreed to by Siebel on September 12, 2005 and it was completed in June 1,2006.

Siebel CRM provides a better way to manage customer data and share it with all the channels like sales, service, call center and marketing. Leading companies like Microsoft, IBM and Yahoo use Siebel software for their business.

How to become a Siebel Developer?

A Siebel developer will be responsible to install and maintain Seibel software. Though the job title says ‘developer’, Siebel developers will have to do a lot of administrative tasks for the Siebel software. Anyone who wants to become a Siebel developer will have to learn how a CRM works, familiarize oneself with the installation and configuration of the latest Siebel products, learn to use Siebel tools and the Siebel’s scripting languages like eScript and Siebel-VB.

Out of the two scripting languages, eScript is the most preferred one since it can run in both Windows and Unix based operating systems. Siebel-VB works only on Windows. Though scripting is an option, people suggest not to use too much scripting because it can degrade the performance of the application.

It is essential to complete the Siebel consultant certification to know the basics of Siebel software, configuration and maintenance, scripting, workflow and more.

An overview of Siebel’s eScript

The core language of the eScript is actually Javascript, which is commonly used for client side scripting in the browsers. Siebel scripts can be either server side scripts or client side scripts. The client side script is converted into JavaScript when executed.

eScript is a case sensitive language. If you know basic programming concepts it is very easy to learn. There are lots of resources available online to learn the language.

It is always suggested to use eScript as the last resort, i.e. use it only when you can’t do the same thing using Siebel tools.

An overview of Siebel Tools

Siebel Tools is an integrated environment that is used for primary configuration of Siebel Software. A single configuration helps to deploy across html and wireless clients and can support multiple Siebel applications.

Siebel Certifications

Obtaining Siebel Certifications is something which is always asked for almost every job requirement for Siebel skills. Following are the Siebel Certifications at the time of this writing:

Siebel 7.7 Certified Consultant

Siebel 7.7 Analytics Certification

Siebel 7.7 Certified Business Analyst

Siebel CRM OnDemand Certification

Siebel jobs and careers

There is a good demand for Siebel consultants in the United States. Since Siebel CRM applications are quite popular, a lot of companies are starting to use Siebel for their customer relationship management solutions.

You can find the hot Siebel job vacancies here: Siebel Jobs . If you are a fresher, start with the appropriate Siebel certification and try to find companies that hire freshers. Once you gain experience for a few years, it will be easier to find different job opportunities.


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      jeevan 5 years ago

      Hi , I am fresher to SIEBEl. Can u please send Siebel8 installation manual.

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      sumit 6 years ago

      Please visit for siebel related errors.This site has been specifically designed to trouble shoot all Siebel related issues. When any exception or error occurs in Siebel, the cause is given by a specific error code. Whenever we face an issue, we try to Google or search for a resolution mostly from Oracle Support, IT Toolbox, Siebel Unleashed etc. I have tried to search for all the solutions for a particular error code in all the mentioned sites and put all the solutions in this site.

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      shnakar 7 years ago

      hi all, am QA software Engineer

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