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Why Bollards are Awesome for Businesses

Updated on April 16, 2013

There will always be ways to up your security. I found with my own business that there really isn’t such thing as “too much security,” as long as it doesn’t cost you more to run than your business. Like, I can’t see myself installing a matrix of lasers that activate whenever the place is locked up that only James Bond could get through, but I think a lot of really practical tools can be used in beefing up your overall security system as much as possible. Using security bollards is a great idea and can save you a lot of money on both the security alone and the possible consequences of building damage or break-ins.

Use Bollards for All Kinds of Businesses

It really doesn’t matter what kind of facility you have to look out for. There are security bollardsfor just about every type of building perimeter. If you own a store, place them out front so pedestrians don’t get hurt by a vehicle running astray, or to prevent them from driving through your front doors. If you own a warehouse, you can prevent unauthorized traffic from attempting to drive through the doors and raid the place.

I’ve found that collapsible bollards are my favorite, since I do own a warehouse and they’re so easy to maneuver. All I have to do is unlock the bottom with my own padlock and I can instantly raise and lower it, no hassle, and if police or fire personnel need to get into the warehouse for any reason, all I have to do is lower it and they come in. This way, the bollards are permanently there, but I can make it so they seem like they aren’t there at all. They’re heavy duty too, which allows me to trust them when they’re standing up.

Use Different Types for Different Blockades

I may prefer the collapsible bollards for my warehouse, but there are really a lot of different kinds, depending on your level of security. For stores, I’d recommend getting a bunch of fixed bollards for both the parking lot and the front of the store. You can put them in the parking lot, at the outside edge of every parking space to prevent vehicles going too far out. Ideally, the ones in the front of the store might be placed in kind of a “u” shape around the front area to keep a semi-circle area as a barrier for passing cars, and you can also put them along the edge of the sidewalks leading up to the front doors, letting shoppers know the area’s safe and secure.

Collapsible bollards are great for trails too, like if you have a back access pathway for your warehouse or business. You can keep them at the entrances and exits for restricted pathways, and just lower them whenever you or another vehicle needs access.

The nice thing about removable bollards is they can be filled with a ground filler when they’re absent, so there isn’t this ugly pothole-looking dent left in the ground once it’s taken out. I would think these would be better for places where barriers aren’t needed all the time, but might need to be used from time to time, like at certain specific entrances to buildings where vehicles usually pass through except on certain occasions. They’re typically not quite as heavy duty either so you can carry them more freely, but they’re good deterrents, and a lot of them have storage racks to keep them secure while not being used.

They’re Great for Parking Lots

You can use every one of these types for parking lots. Like I said, for stores you can put fixed ones on the edges of spaces, but one of my friends has an apartment and in the apartment parking lot she has to unlock the collapsible one and lower it to park her car there. It’s top notch security for residential areas, and they’re even out front by apartment gates, where they’re lowered to allow people to enter the parking garage as well.

The removable bollards are awesome for special events, when you’re expecting a lot of people to be around. I’ve considered having some of these installed on one side of my property for when the big theater a block down has a big-name celeb showing up for a concert, which does happen from time to time. That way people who park around there if the lot gets full (which it does tend to do) aren’t doing any bad parking jobs around my business, especially if they’ve had a little too much to drink.

I’ve seen ones out there that also have the ability to hold parking meters, so you can get people to pay for their parking while providing protection for the parking lot or walkways, which I would love but have no true need for right now.

Security is Nothing for a Business Owner to Think Lightly About

I may not have been robbed, but I have had a vehicle occupied by someone who lost control of their brakes crash in the direction of one of my warehouse doors. Thankfully, a bollard prevented it from actually contacting the door and that was all it crashed into. Seriously, if you want to make yourself feel a lot better like I have, you might want to consider setting these up. I have no regrets, because they’re inexpensive and I don’t have to worry as much about ram-raiding incidents happening to me.


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