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Social Media: Why Manners Matter and Why Even Call Centers Benefit From the Technology

Updated on October 20, 2016

Go ahead and say what you want to say about the Tweeties, Myspaceys, pages and pages of Facebooks, and the enormous links and connections in the tarantula web of LinkedIn. You can admit it: you love all that social media stuff!

Fun, Fun Facebook: a Lack of Social Media Manners and Hospitality

After all, no one these days can go without their Bubble Safaris, Farmvilles and i c u, wat u dewing, babe chats left and right. It’s become a worldwide social phenomenon, this concept if social media. I’m willing to bet you’ll find not one human being on this planet who does not know what a Facebook profile is. Or a tweet. Or whatever LinkedIn is.

(I’m just kidding. I know what a LinkedIn is. I have one. I admit it.)

But enough of all the ‘fun’ stuff we love about Facebook. Sure, you can role-play as a vampire or barbarian dude on one of those flash games, but here’s the point about how ‘not so good’ these concepts are….

Family Values Are Twittering, Sadly Enough

How so? It can’t be! But I love my Twitter profile. I can’t do without it. The feed is like my feeding tube to enlightenment. It’s my digital heartbeat. Once it goes out, I go out with a bang and hang out in that cyberspace Heaven where all profiles dance naked.

Oh, dear God, I’m brainwashed. Is social media that bad for you?

Sure, it keeps your kids focused, and that’s great. But that’s an excuse, and you know it. Sure, it keeps them involved; but that’s also an excuse. The family dynamic wasn’t broken before, was it? We didn’t have all these MySpace things back when we were kids, did we? And we turned out just fine.

So let’s start from the very beginning about how this social media craze has downsized our family lives. Starting with….

Chatrooms: the Advent of Cybersex

We didn’t know what we were dealing with. Think about it. This is how social media actually started. Chatrooms.

Then came cybersex. When you think about it, the ability to “hide” behind the computer screen and literally be someone else was not only addictive, but dangerous in a weird sort of way.

You could get raped without any physical or immediate emotional harm, really. Insults didn’t seem to hurt that much when it came to you in pixels and not people. And you could get to know someone in literally seconds when it typically took you days to really know someone on a personal level. Writing things out seems to speed up the process, don’t you think?

This has desensitized us. We’re automatons drooling in front of the computer screen as digital sluts and man-whores strip with enticing words and expect that it’s the ideal alternative to the real thing.

It began the reality of social media, surrounded by something perilous:

The Lack of Manners, Hospitality, Politeness, Family Focus

We’re more interested now in checking our Twitter feeds over playing our Clue and Monopoly games with the siblings and parental units. There’s no family time now. Only Facebook time. And that time trumps just about anything.

We’ve become cloud extensions of the omnipresence that is the social media stratosphere, the virtual insanity that is the friends list, the question and dating apps, the updates, the media mixes, Spotify, YouTube.

There’s no you in this tube, though. You’re just fecal matter now in the tubing designed to feed crap into your social media machine, turning you into some kind of slothy terminator with a big effin machine gun. Yes, you will be back with a vengeance to check your updates again while your cat’s dying and your mom’s struggling to finish the laundry and dishes as she tries to catch up on your personal life and love for Christ (non-existent).

You don’t have to have manners anymore with social media! You can be stupid and not get consequences for it. You can suck someone’s blood, and everything’s cool! Because – yes, you guessed it – it’s on social media.

You can – yes, you guessed it – stalk someone on MySpace and be nothing more than a groupie! Sort of. But you get the point.

Should You Be Scared?

Oh, yes. It’ll only get worse. We may wake up one day and realize that we haven’t actually woken up for school, got ourselves cleaned up, ready to go, done our homework, gave our mommies and daddies kisses, and met our friends in person.

We have social media Facebook 3000 memory chip implants in our brains to make us think we’ve woken up for the day. But we haven’t. We’re actually in cryo-stasis in big vats of intravenous fluid, imagining that we’ve gone to school with big bat wings or Iron Man’s rockets.

Luckily, we’re saving on our energy bills by providing the battery power from our bodies while we’re in cryo-stasis. Our homes will be constantly fueled to the max.

Yes, Neo. There is no spoon. The Matrix is everywhere.

In no time, you will be everywhere. Like viruses are. And that's not something to tweet about.

But Curb the Temptation to Throw Social Media Manners Out the Window....

And ultimately, here's the benefit: the home, and then BUSINESSES, such as call centers, advance into excellence.

Social media can be beneficial in a call center; the way call center technology used to be revolved around a cubicle, a telephone queue system and a script. Pretty simple. Walk into one of those call centers and you’d hear phones ring endlessly.

Thanks to the era of the cloud, social media, the advent of cyberspace, the concept of the call center has dramatically evolved.

How Has Social Media Influenced Call Center Metrics?

There have been studies detailing efficiencies in utilizing social media. Why are there efficiencies? Think of the Bluetooth technology, the instant messaging, synchronization: this is all part of the new technology that has revamped and revolutionized how call handling is maintained.

Social media call center integration is crucial. And here’s why:

You Can Reach Your Customers Now

It used to be a workday of being at your desk and waiting for the phone calls. Because every now and then a customer would have a question or an issue requiring a solution, so they’d call the customer service number.

Nowadays, it’s been proven through clerical studies that a more proactive approach to customer service and even sales not only delivers the same metrics of results in call handling, call volume, customer service quality – but also delivers better customer retention.

Your agents show these customers that they actually care. And nothing makes a customer feel better than that. It urges them to come back for more service, which means more of a financial bottom line for the company.

It also used to be sufficient to take the calls as they come in. But because of social media, you reach more of that demographic by being active and approaching them yourself through the use of chat networks, updates, etc. etc. It’s another medium to utilize. And an easier one at that. It’s safe to say that more people are actually on Facebook than on the phone every day.

You think that’s a stretch? Mashable conducted a survey and stated that 62% of customers use social media for customer service inquiries. Take a look at American Express, one of the most successful credit card companies in the world – 46% of users take on social media as a medium to utilize word-of-mouth advertising to express their issues about poor customer service!

Any company would want to know that and tackle that with the same medium: social media.

It’s a Growing Medium

That means your company can stand out. Not every business out there utilizes it – yet. So take advantage of it and connect with a new customer base. Metrics have been delivered on the success of social media marketing and corporate techniques to revitalize call center statistics: 49% of companies actually track their customers and actually respond through the use of social media, while 28% of companies still rely on the traditional call center IVR system.

So it’s true: the technology is growing. Get active and grow with it. It’ll help you stand out against the competition.

Better Preparation and Forecasting

Because this is a growing medium for companies, you can expect better estimations of what to expect in terms of performance measurement and industry standard development.

It’s been measured that by the middle of this year, you can expect that 65% of customer service transactions will be handled right in the cloud, which includes social media outlets, online communities, Google searches and plenty of automated self-service web sites designed to put the power on customers’ hands.

It’s pretty clear when you think about it, and the proof is in the statistical evidence: when power’s given to customers to make the choice and handle the situation themselves with the right resources offered immediately, you’re looking at very happy customers.

Likewise, given all the options available with social media, customers will never feel ties down to a phone number with a waiting time and numbers to press.

The Insight Is There. Social Media.

It’s call center optimization at its best. Taking the 1-way concrete street and turning it into a 2-way cyberspace information super-highway is definitely the way to go for call center performance standards.

Get in on it. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are waiting! Just remember to mind your manners. Social media should be more than just a free space for perverts and delinquents. It's now a business venture. Let's treat it as such.


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