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Social Media Can Help to Make a Success of Your Web Presence

Updated on June 8, 2012

As long as you have a presence on the world wide web, it makes sense to take your interests or business forward by using social media to increase your online visibility. It can be just one of the additional tools that are used for marketing yourself or your business so that you can benefit from it.

Social Media Marketing Can Be Effective

The social media is a way that helps you to connect with people, converse with them and thus finally convert the increased closeness into added business. It does not matter whether you are into internet marketing or are a professional who is trying to expand his base of clients. You can take a 10 step to social media success that will build your own community and help you to establish credibility in the market.

10 Steps to Social Media Success

Step 1- Plan your strategy, so that your efforts achieve the maximum audience that you need to create the right business relationships. This can help you to increase your influence and create awareness of your brand with the people whom you want to interact with.

Step 2- Decide on what exactly you are trying to achieve when you are reaching out to people over the social media. You need to position yourself as someone who can be approached by the people on the media to approach you whenever they feel the need for certain things to help in problems that confront them in that field.

Step 3- You need to be sure of the people who you want to target are those that you consider potential customers who can expand your business. You may need to spread your search quite wide to create the base of interested people who can be of help to you.

Step 4- Decide on which of the social media can get you the maximum exposure and contacts. You may need to do some research on this while you settle on the ones that can have the best effects. You can look at Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube and LinkedIn as these are the most popular ones. If you find others that are more suitable to your particular niche, take a stab at them as well.

Step 5- Now that you have decided on the social media and the people you want to target you need to find out the behavior of the target audience and the times at which they will mainly be available on the social media, so that you can contact them. The various social media will be able to confirm when they have the most people online.

Step 6- Decide on your reason to be on the social media sites. It could be to increase business, build relationships or position yourself as an authority. Your core values must remain constant, so that the people you are in touch with see you as a reference point for their own problems or difficulties. The messages you send out must be relevant, while refraining from any hard sell marketing efforts.

Step 7- Get trained to use the social media that is a part of your strategy. Each one of them has their own method of getting across to people who are signed on with them, and if you are aware of them you can reach out to your target audience with the least of effort.

Step 8- There a number of social management tools that can be of help and can help you to become more efficient when you are using them for furthering your own interests. Choose the ones that suit your own particular line of business or even mindset, so that you can get the maximum advantage from such usage.

Step 9- Make a schedule for working daily on social media. This can depend on the way these media are used by your audience, but once you have settled into a rhythm you will find that people who are really interested will be waiting for you when you log on, and thus will be easy to contact.

Step 10 – Make sure that you spend a lot of time when you are off line to develop the necessary content that you can get across to your target audience. Also be sure that, this is understood by you, in depth, so that you are ready for any questions that may be posed to you by persons on the social media.

A proper strategy, good content and targeting the right people can help social media to greatly expand your professional business or increase sales in your internet marketing.


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    • profile image

      Chris Hugh 

      6 years ago

      This is a real good article. I'm gonna link to it on a private blog I have so I can look at it again.

    • moiz17 profile image


      6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      You know social media marketing is gaining a lot more importance. One of my friend who offers SEO services said that 'social signals' are being given great importance by Google after the Panda update. So, the more your website gets popular over social media website the better your ranking would get as well. So, that's another motivation to be a lot more active in promoting your business on social media websites. I must say the 10-step guide can be helpful especially the 9th step. Giving proper time to each site is pretty important!


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