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Specialty Shops

Updated on November 18, 2014

The Rewards of Affiliate Marketing

People search Google for information on a product they want to buy online but usually this can be somewhat confusing. Anyone can pack in appropriate keywords to bring people looking to buy a niche product online to their site but they may not be an expert in the field.

Around the web today the buzz is on 'niche sites' and affiliates are rushing to get in on what might be a lucrative business. All too often, however, they go with the trend and put up a web site promoting that niche but who are they referring their potential clients to.

In my case I have a Mall listing merchants acquired through an affiliate company. If people who run specialty shops are not using it and the Internet they are missing out on a team of affiliates to market their products and they are wasting money and time. Without massive overheads the affiliates pull in more sales than can ever be made through a retail outlet or by a Company doing its own marketing online.

Merchants who are seeking the really good workers to participate in their business should search it out. It is possible one of the best online for that purpose. But there are others.

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Are You a Merchant

Then get in on this Outlet

If you have a business and perform a service, sell a product, or offer advice of some type then you are a merchant. In that event you need to be on the Internet marketing as hard as you can. But not everyone is a marketer and most people have no idea how to sell anything over the Internet. The Company highlighted above is probably the best in the business and it has an impressive reputation among retailers.

You are probably one of the shops in the local Mall dependent on people who venture in and pass by. They may or may not come into the shop while venturing off to their real target, which might be a supermarket or picture theater. To get them to come into the Mall especially to buy from you is expensive and it takes time to build up a clientele to fill that roll.

Not only do you have all that expense but you are at the beck and call of the Mall's owner and the lease is like a rope around your neck. When things are tough you usually find it impossible to break the lease unless you can another business to take it over.

You are also stuck inside the Mall day after day breathing the air from the breaths of thousands of people that has been recycled and pumped back through the vents. You are under artificial lighting and nothing about this is good for your health. That is to say nothing of the stress and strains your body is under.


Wisen Up and Get Affiliates to Market For You

If you have something to sell

To do the job properly you need an affiliate or two, or perhaps a few hundred. Most affiliates have lists of people waiting to buy what they offer. They also market in other ways through articles, blogs, ezines, forums and joint ventures. The latter involves teaming up with a like minded promoter to share lists and sell products between them. These guys spend hours marketing online and know a thing or two about it.

So if you are a merchant you should consider this option and get listed asap with a company like the one mentioned above.

Physical malls have their drawbacks as you must attract people to them, pay high rents, cover yourself with insurance, wages, advertising, services (such as phone, electric y and so on), usually you will also pay a loading for delivery of goods and this is only the start of it. You are, in fact, working to pay for others to enjoy your money so why not consider the alternative.

The money you save by marketing through affiliates is astronomical. No insurance, services, wages, advertising and other costs come into it. You products are delivered by you to the purchasers and you are in control of what affiliates you have on your team and the type of websites they use to market.

You are also in control of the conditions under which you accept them as affiliates. In fact, it is all go go for you, so why not try it

An Internet Mall Is A 21st Century Miracle

And a life saver to millions

When I first started marketing online in the early 1990's there was no such thing as an internet shop let alone a mall. Over the years, however, technology has improved and now specialty shops can display their wares online as clearly as those offline do.

When I launched my mall late last year it was sheer joy to see the range of goods that can be accommodated on one web site, but even then it began to be crowded. But people can browse through the pages and the merchants listed without leaving their chair. They can select goods, pay online with a credit card, and have the items delivered to their door no matter where they live.

They can also shop 24/7 so there is no rush and certainly no parking worries or crowds to contend with. Because I know something about online marketing I selected the merchants offering products of greatest interest to the majority as well as the every day essential items one might look for in a Hardware Shop or Clothing Store.

Many of these merchants could not market their products in the normal fashion because of the overheads versus the profits on the goods. So affiliate marketing is a much better deal and allows them to get into the market place and trade with product that might never have seen the light of day otherwise.

So my mall has heaps of variety and the prices are spectacular. Its nothing to see goods 50% to 80% off. These bargains are everyday events so why would people shop at a Mall if they can get things like this.

Merchants who trade online have few overheads and can sell their products at a fraction of normal cost. So they are way out in front. They can also afford to pay their affiliates a share of the take, which makes everyone happy. It means that afiliates can make a decent living and be employed while many have come from an unemployed situation to work online.

Specialty Shops Within a Mall.

A good specialty store might have thousands of products which cost a fortune to display under normal circumstances. People browsing through such a shop can spend half a day looking and then probably not find what they need.

Shop assistants are usually scarce and hard to find when it comes to seeking advice or help. So the tired shopper might leave in disgust. If he or she still has some energy the might push on to the next store selling similar goods. Blasting at them all the time is the horrible music or loud speakers that drive most shoppers crazy and either give you a headache or at best drive you out of there.

Even if you find the right things you then have to lug them back to your car, which can be a considerable distance away, or tote them around with you while you finish your shopping.

Its an impossible task if you are in any way handicapped for time or because of an injury or disability. Many specialty shops have locations away from shopping Malls for this very reason. They might be in smaller shopping centers that require you to drive some distance to get to and then the parking is always a problem.

The merchants running these type of stores are facing huge bills aside from those mentioned above. Shop lifters and damaged stock are just some of the expenses that require to be met. Security is expensive and damaged goods cannot be sold at the normal price.

People Are Searching The Web For Specialty Shops

And for work at home opportunities

Some of the specialty shops in my mall offer tens of thousands of products. They display them with gusto and it is possible to buy whatever you need at any time day or night. Many items are down loadable, such as software, while services, such as web hosts are all handled online.

When it comes to fittings the sizes of garments are given so all that's required is to know your measurements, Thanks to modern technology things like eye glasses can actually be fitted to your face on your browser through a photo of yourself. Dresses and other garments can be turned around to be seen from different angles and even then the merchant is available if you want to make sure before you buy.

The main point is that the merchandise is definitely not handled by other customers and what you receive is a pristine product, adequately packed and shipped as soon as possible after the order is received.

See the range of merchants on my latest mall Between my 2 malls there are over 500 companies that can sell thousands of products through their shops hosted here. That adds up to millions of products to select from but it also adds up to traffic, just as in a regular mall. When visiting one store customers see others and can pop in for a browse around.

Getting Sales Not Otherwise Possible

People who are laid up can still shop online

Being an online merchant means you can get a lot of business that might otherwise pass you by. Take for instance our friend in the picture. He is bored out of his brain and obviously confined to his house. What could change his life is to be able to shop online, or at least browse through some sites for ideas and relaxation. Unfortunately there is no computer in the picture.

That means that people need to be more educated into using computers and getting online to shop. They will do this if more merchants offer goods to them that are to their liking. They can also play games, get into chat rooms, partake in social sites, and so on.

Lets get them involved, therefore, and improve the lot of such people while making a stand to promote specialty shops online.

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      7 years ago

      Soaking it all in.

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      8 years ago

      Thank you a great resource.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      9 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Good information. Lensrolling to Does Shopping Online Hurt The Local Economy. So many people responded that the Local Specialty Shops need to try to sell online if they are going to be successful.


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