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Web directory | SEO | Spider link directory

Updated on June 25, 2014

SEO myths about backlinks from link directory (short opinion)

What is link directory- web directory or link directory is a website where you can leave a message about your business, service or other website, where all these messages sorted by categories and subcategories.

During years such websites like DMOZ ( working from 1998 or yahoo directory (launched 1995) got authority and trust from all search engines. How ever it is not so easy get listed on these catalogs.

DMOZ have plenty human editors, which will review web sites, reject, which does not meet certain requirements. Also, there was several complains about corruption. Editors were asking to pay money in order to keep existing listing. (free listing)

Yahoo listing cost 299 USD (you can not get money back). Some people says it is good for rankings, but not for traffic.

Both websites are very simple, based on text, you can not add images, just pure link with short description. Anyway, If you are listed on one of these- I can name you lucky, but if not there are plenty other resources where you can get listed.

Some link directory websites are payed, some free. Why Some of the websites ask to pay for listing?- while Matt Cutts- head of Google says- all websites which buy links will be penalized.


Are you building backlinks using link directories

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spider link directory

I want to introduce to website Spider Link Directory. You can list a website, blog or business here. It is a great place to advertise even if you do not have a website.

You can ask: why I should submit here?

  • Because website use newer technologies like web 2.0
  • You can add fully described text about company or website (SEO article)
  • if you are interested in SEO, there is article section for webmasters- learn how to rank higher on search engine, get some valuable and analyzed resources.
  • All listings reviewed by human, to get quality listings (do not spam!)
  • Fast growing audience- every day coming more and more visitors.

How to get listed

  • In order to get started you need to register. Registration is created to prevent spammers, to get more quality listings.
  • Process is very simple and easy to use
  • Add title- title is very important text- search engine read it
  • Choose suitable category, which fits best
  • Tagline- add 2-3 tags- words which describes like in squidoo lens
  • Short description- equal to meta description (up to 155 symbols)
  • Full description- This is where fun begins, I hardly recommend to write SEO article here, it should be about 300 words. If you do not how to write one check the instructions here SEO article, if you do not have time, just ask somebody else to do it for you. (like: suitable trusted person, search fiverr Gig). Links in text are ranked higher. At the end of this text leave your contacts like phone number(if your business real)
  • Add keywords- enter from 3 to 5 keywords which are you targeting
  • Add contact email- this place is for business email (personal if you want)
  • Add website address- add URL if you have.
  • Display map- map is powered by Google, if you do not have a website, but, let’s say, you own candy shop in Los Angeles- your business will be shown on the map.
  • Upload pictures- one more way to attract visitors, people love to look at images, ads with images gets more attention. All images should be optimized for web and devices (image size up to 2 Mb)
  • Press continue, review your information(check for mistakes and etc.), submit and you are online.

So there is nothing to wait for- visit Link Directory

My Google Maps

I am located in United Kingdom, how ever covers all world

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