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Spinning Postcard Display Racks

Updated on October 7, 2014

General Rotating Display Racks For Small Retail Businesses

Almost all spinning or rotating racks for postcards and greeting cards are used by small businesses around the country. If you only need to buy one or two of these then one of the most economical ways to buy them is online from large retailers like Amazon.

Even still pickings can be somewhat slim so lower on this page I've featured some more listings from other retailers liquidating merchandise on eBay.

If you need a small spinning postcard stand for a countertop or a larger free standing rotating card rack then see below. Each type is featured and even those that say they are for greeting cards will work just fine for normal sized postcards.

Floor Standing Swivel Rack For Postcards Or Greeting Cards

These display stands are a bit bigger and cost a tiny bit more than their smaller counter-top cousins. If you intend on selling a lot of postcards then you'll want one of these because not only do they take up space on the floor rather than a table top they also hold a lot more cards.

Spinng Card Racks For A Counter Or Tabletop

Smaller shops that want to keep a modest collection of postcards near a check stand would likely do better with a smaller and cheaper spinning postcard stand like those featured below. Even though these are smaller they can still hold quite a lot of postcards giving you and your customers a lot to choose from.

More Postcard Racks That Spin

Sometimes you can find more variety and lower prices by browsing through eBay listings. These are a few active and current listings for rotating postcard stands on eBay. Some are sold in used condition while others are being liquidated for discounted prices in new condition. Remember, every auction is different so read the listing descriptions carefully.

Maybe A Solid Display Stand Would Be Better?

Here Are More Stands And Racks In Different Styles

Running a store is always a challenge and displaying products for sale is a necessary evil. In some cases a spinning rack may work great but for impulse items a stand to showcase your best products may be best. Here are some good options.

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