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Hiring the Right Employee for the Job, Tips From a Recruitment Professional

Updated on February 24, 2011
New employees need to be productive, have good people skills and very importantly, fit the culture of your business.
New employees need to be productive, have good people skills and very importantly, fit the culture of your business.

Keeping many business owners and managers awake at night, is the age-old problem: how do you hire the right people for your business? How can you be certain they will be productive, have good people skills and very importantly, fit the culture of your business?

The real costs of using a recruitment agency

Traditionally, there have been two distinct choices. The first is to use the services of a professional recruitment agency. While this offers benefits in time saving and potentially delivers a good result, the reality is that it's cost prohibitive for many businesses (often costing several thousand dollars per hire). And regrettably, many business owners found it was still no guarantee that the employee would stay in the business for the long haul.

Recruiting on your own, do you have what it takes?

The second option was to go it alone. This can deliver significant cost savings but for many, it increases the risk of getting the hiring decision wrong, - simply because the business is without a proven and structured hiring system. The result is that many business managers admit not feeling comfortable in the hiring process.

New & Innovative ways of DIY recruiting using proven techniques

There is however a way to get the best of both worlds - the structure of the first option, combined with the low cost of the second.
The secret to effective hiring is to adopt the very same system used by the recruitment agencies. It's based on some readily available internet technology; wrapped up in a 3 step process. The key is that each step reinforces the other.

Step 1 - Structured interview

The first step is a structured interview - consisting of 10 to 15 questions. The questions are competency and preference based (they assess the applicant's skills and abilities, along with their preferences for how they prefer to work). After the interview, you should have a fairly good idea about whether their skills and preferences match the job you have on offer.

Interviewing should always be done for your shortlisted applicants ie: your best 2 or 3 applicants. If there's a downside to interviewing (even for the recruitment agencies) it's the fact that some applicants are able to present strongly enough during the interview to impress most managers.

Step 2 - Personality profiling

The second and most valuable step is to apply some science to your hiring process via a personality profiling tool. These are sometimes known as psychometric tests.
A recent trend is that more of these profiling tools are available for businesses to access directly through the internet - where previously you had to deal through the large human resources firms or recruitment agencies.

The good news with these tests is that they are very accurate, are conducted on-line, take less than an hour to complete, and are constructed so that it is very difficult for the applicant to fake their results. You should look for a psychometric test that checks for motivation, interpersonal skills, workplace abilities and personal values.

Step 3 - Reference checking

The third and final step is to conduct reference checking with present or past colleagues, managers, clients etc, who can verify the results of your interview, and the information provided in the psychometric test report.

If you adopt this three step process, your risk of hiring the wrong person will be substantially reduced while simultaneously increasing your chances of hiring the right person.

Using an online system such as StaffMatcher will deliver this 3 step process. For more information on StaffMatcher, please visit

StaffMatcherâ„¢ is an easy to use, online psychometric test and recruitment system designed to evaluate your job applicants as effectively as any recruitment agency.


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    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Great hub, this hiring tips are from a true Recruitment Professional. Keep it up!