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Make your Handmade Products Stand Out! Using Creative Packaging

Updated on February 5, 2017

How can you make your products look special?

There are some easy and creative ways to make your handmade products different from the rest at festivals or shows and make a special surprise for customers ordering your products. This lens is all about using creative packaging to make your creations stand out from the crowd and make them memorable for your customers.

How much time and effort you want to put into your packaging is totally up to you. You can quickly create simple stylish packaging or spend more time creating something totally customized to your business.

Why Is Creative Packaging Important?

You are competing with not only other producers of handmade products but with mass produced items. Your handmade products are more expensive than those from a factory assembly line, but, for very good reasons. The extra time, effort, and expertise (not to mention passion) that goes into handmade products are what make them worth the extra price to your buyers. Your packaging needs to reflect this care, effort, and passion.

Here are a few general tips:

  • Include photos of your packaging in your shop, let your customer know how their items will arrive.
  • Plan your packaging ahead of time and keep all your packaging materials organized in one place (I just use a large box).
  • Any tools for your packaging like scissors, rubber stamps, paper punches, etc. should also go in the box.

Packaging Interview

Interview I gave on packaging, craft shows, and Etsy.

Customizing your Hang Tags & Display Cards

Instead of basic white price tags or stickers try making your own creative tags or have some printed for you. The same goes for the little hanging cards for earrings.

Ideas for making your own tags

  • Print tags out on colored cardstock.
  • Use big shape punches to create fun shapes for your tags.
  • Use colorful ribbon, yarn, or embroidery floss to tie your tags on.
  • Add beads or tassels to the tag for added decoration.
  • Emboss the tags.
  • Add color with markers, colored pencil, or watercolors.

This is a tag I used to use (redesigned them a few months ago). Not only do they have my business name for my customer but they also have my contact info, background on my creations, and how to care for my polymer clay creations. I think the glass bead on each adds a nice touch.

You can use these same tips to create custom earring cards as well. The Handmade Business Blog has this post on how I made mine.

Giving your customers something to keep their purchases in is a very helpful touch that they will appreciate. But instead of a plain bag or box give them something special. Try some of these ideas for making your gift bags and boxes stand out.

Spicing up gift boxes.

  • Use custom printed stickers
  • Or a custom rubber stamp
  • Sign them
  • Add ribbon around the edge
  • Decoupage vintage clipart onto them
  • Add a charm or button on top
  • Use ribbon or cord to make a carrying handle
  • Draw or paint on them.

Embellishing gift bags

  • Add beads to the drawstring
  • Print out your logo onto iron-on transfer paper and iron the design onto the bag
  • Screen print your bag. Here is a DIY screenprinting tutorial
  • Sign the bag using fabric markers
  • Use iron-on transfers or applique
  • Add a hang tag to the bag.

Try making your own bags and boxes!

Earrings packaged in small plastic bags with colored cardstock backing and labels printed with my business name. You can also see my new tag and examples of the different fabric bags I use.

More Packaging Ideas

Recently I began packaging some of my jewelry differently. While I still packaging most of my jewelry in organza bags I also package some in plastic bags with a printed fold over for hanging at craft fairs and other events. It's easy to do and looks very polished.

Custom Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are those cute little padded envelopes that are great for sending small items. They also work great as protective packaging for your small items sold at shows and festivals. 27 Things has a great tutorial for making your own cute custom bubble mailers out of colorful art paper.

Make Your Own Bubble Mailer Tutorial

Alternately you could cover pre-made mailers with wrapping paper, add a custom sticker, or rubberstamp of your logo to one. You can even order bubble mailers in bright or metallic finishes.

Other Easy Ideas

Try incorporating some of these into your packaging.

  • Instruction or care sheets. Make these colorful as well as useful.
  • Custom rubber stamps.
  • Use embossing powder to give your stamps some added impact.
  • Custom stickers (you can buy sticker paper for printing them at home)
  • Business cards. Include one or two with each purchase.text
  • For jewelry makers make custom earring and pin display cards.
  • Ribbons are always an easy touch.

Things to avoid in your packaging.

  • Inconsistent. Keep things looking consistent, I don't mean everything has to be the same, but the style and theme of your packaging should all have a similar feel.
  • Inappropriate. This should be easy, make the product and packaging match. If it's retro styled give the packaging a retro look. If it's Victorian don't put it in a tied-dyed box.text
  • Unprofessional. If you're here I'm sure your not planning to just slap something together quickly. Make sure glued items don't have edges sticking up, corners aren't ripped off tags, all text is correct and spellchecked.

Presentation at Art and Craft Festivals

Festivals and shows are a great opportunity to put your packaging ideas to the test. Don't hide all your packaging away in a box behind the checkout area. Put out a little display to show your customers exactly what they'll gets when they purchase one of your products.

Keep it fresh! Rethink your packaging regularly and how it fits into your brand.

Updating my Packaging

When I first wrote this lens a few years ago my packaging looked much different than it does today. You can see some of the differences in the pictures but they are still a bit different to what I currently use. I reconsider my packaging on a regular basis and think about what I can do to make it better and more in keeping with my current branding.

Currently my cephalopod jewelry is sent out in an organza gift bag in a color that compliments the piece, colorful tissue paper, a shipping box that is rubber stamped with my logo, a brochure with care instructions, a business card, and a coupon. You can see the photo below shows what it looks like.

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      enslavedbyfaeries 9 years ago

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      Jimmie Lanley 9 years ago from Memphis, TN, USA

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      RuthCoffee 9 years ago

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      You've made some great points here about the importance of nice packaging. I think on a lot of sites like Etsy/Zibbet/Artfire, whatever, customers come to expect items to arrive like a gift. You want to keep them coming back!

    • Sheryl Westleigh profile image

      Sheryl Westleigh 7 years ago from Maine

      @southpaw23: Instead of the custom printed mailers how about getting plain mailers and customizing them yourself? You can get stickers printed with lower minimum orders, usually 50 or 100 instead of 1000. A custom made rubber stamp will run you $10-$30 depending on the size and can be used numerous times.

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      One more thing, this lens is beautiful. I love the colors and the layout!


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      I really enjoyed all the information you provided on how to package your products,but I would love to know if you have any suggestions for pretty packaging for accent pillows. That is what I sell and have a hard time trying to think of how to make the packaging beautiful.

      Thank you,

      Janet Bernasconi

      Janet's Creative Pillows

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      A decent price for self-adhesive, padded mailers. Do keep in mind that they come to you empty. What you do is put things in them and send them to other people. What you put in them is entirely up to you. I do not recommend live animals.

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      I used to repackage products using my own brand, and simple things like a printed card or sticker can improve the perceived value of your goods. If it was a low-end product, I'll do the design myself, if I need a run of 5,000 stickers, I'll use a graphic designer.

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      Can anyone tell me where or if I can find 4" x 2" hanging plastic cards for pendants/earrings. I can find the ones that say Sterling silver or something and that's what I've bought and always black out the printing, but I would think I could find just plain. So far no luck.

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      @anonymous: I don't know overall but Etsy publishes how much their sellers make, just in September 2011 $46.4 million worth of goods were sold on Etsy. Now some of those are supplies and vintage sales as well as handmade but it gives you an idea.

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      Great lens! Creative packaging is something that I've been putting off for far too long. Great ideas for including business cards!

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      Wonderful ideas for making things even more special. Blessed.

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      So helpful! I don't make handmade crafts to sell, but I know lovely packaging is a big wow to me on the receiving end. You give some great tips that I'd totally use if I ever got into being an etsy seller. Will have to pass these along...

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      The tags really do give a more dressed up look. Congratulations on Lens of the Day!

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      Good stuff. I don't make and sell any of my own products. But I do make things for friends and family. I'll use some of these ideas, I'm sure. Thanks to you, I'm thinking about having "business" cards (which really won't be about business but more about me) to add to my gifts.

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      Great ideas and interesting article, I started making jewellery as a hobby which has now turned to a passion, hence I now have loads of jewellery I must sell. Great hints on presentation. Thanks!

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      Hi Noadi. Just stopping back by to congratulate you on getting LotD for this very helpful lens. You know I love handcrafted items!

      BTW, I noticed your suggestion about 'signing' your box. I once had items in a consignment shop with my cards attached. The shop owner suggested 'signing' my cards by hand to make it more 'personal'. He said people really notice that. I usually put a handwritten and hand-signed note on the invoice I include in a sold package.

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      1stchoicemarketing 5 years ago

      Sheryl, I like the unique packaging ideas. I see that you are pretty crafty too. Keep it up. My daughter makes jewelry so I will let her know about your page so she can take a look. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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      Please visi my Just Been Paid lenses too...

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      I do think creative packaging is a HUGE part of marketing. You can have a great product but if the packaging is lacking, your item may not sell. Great lens.

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      These are great ideas. Good decorative packaging also works well for displays. I displayed crafts in a craft store and was not selling much until my daughter changed the way they were displayed with better packaging and sales doubled. It does make a difference. Great lens!

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      Great Lens and I know all too well that changing your packaging designs slightly over time makes people think they're buying a new product or the product inside is slightly different. Therefore tricking people to buy your product.

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      As a packaging engineer myself you are definitely on a good road here. A lot of people are unaware of the importance of packaging.

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      I wish I had read this article last month when I was traveling. lol Very good lens and thanks for the ideas. I will try one of these on my next rip when I bring back lots of fish and shirts.

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      Sheryl Westleigh 4 years ago from Maine

      @skegnesslad: I've never thought of it that way. Since my products are handmade they do change over time as I've become a lot more skilled in all areas of making and my packaging reflects that gradual improvement.

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      Alessandro Zamboni 4 years ago from Italy

      Lovely lens! I was searching for some ideas to package my handmade candles, and this page gave mo so much ideas I could start to give value to my objecs.

      Thanks so much, three thumbs up :)

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      We offer creative packaging design through sustainable packaging, eco-friendly labels, and tree free promotional stickers. Let me know if we can help! |

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      packaging adds value.... to the product...

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      Good ideas. I make custom pens and it makes sense that the packaging is unique as the product. Heck, the packaging could sell the product.

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