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Starting Freelance

Updated on October 18, 2014

Does your salary bothering you? It is not enough? Or your regular job keeps on pissing you off because of your boss keeps on pushing you off the limit and never gave you a raise? I'm talking about this right now because I also experience this. Then I almost quit my job but I found this out "Online Money Making" sounds familiar? Yeah in other words "Freelance".

Freelance well as for "wiki" it is the term for somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. But for me as my own understanding, it's where you can start your own business that you can be the boss as the same time you are working with really great and convenient way. Who doesn't like working at home, with you on your couch watching TV while working I forgot you can drink beer while your working is that wonderful or just amazing? But of course just deliver your service beyond the expected quality to impress your client and they can refer you others....yeah cool.

So why don't we start first with basic.

First and foremost let your self decide on it do your really need to do it?
Does this move can gave me a chance on achieving my goals?
What I am good at?

Alright that's just some of the question you need to decide and answer wholeheartedly.
So you need to have your internet connection well we are talking about online money making. There are several things you need to consider where you can start.

1. Blogging - one of the famous online money making, well for me it could be freelance where you can just focus on your blog, then adsense is there and many advertising well you can visit my blogspot if you want to see as an example

2. Virtual Assistant - have you heard this already? it is just like an office secretary, in this case you have your client online and they can just run an errand to you whatever could it be. Well as I check it, start could be $50 dollar on an errand but it could be depending with the client yeah it means a lot huh?

3. Affiliates Program - this is just like an referral system, you refer someone then if they purchase/deals on a service with your particular client then you can get your payment as of now I don't have exact value for it by they say it is good for a start.

4. Web Designer - yeah just like me all we do is find a client online by creating an account on some freelancer web base system, where you bid on a particular project, all I can say is this is so good and well pay for just an hour you can make $150 again depending on your bid. Here are some of the freelancer web base system:

But off course you don't really need to leave your job in my part I do it as my sideline. If your sure that freelance can very well to pay all your finances and save a lot from it, that's the time to decide "It could be better to leave your job and continue on it".

You can visit my website LightWeb Creative Studio and facebook page if you need web services and even marketing integration solutions.


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