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Starting Your own Online Business

Updated on March 23, 2014

Starting your own online business need not be complicated or daunting, but for many people hoping to start an Internet business this is the case. Sadly for the many – about 90% - who start an online business, they fail in the first year or on the first attempt.

The simple reason many people starting an online business fail is that they go about it the wrong way, they are not sufficiently equipped with the right knowledge and Information to start a business. If you are reading this article then it is a good first step. I am going to give you some pointers on starting your own your own online business. This article will also direct you to the most useful resources on the Internet which will teach in a simple step-by-step manner how to start an online business.

Free Resources for starting your own business.

Home Based Business Information
Home Based Business Information is a complete guide to starting your home based business
This site will show you all the Information you need to successfully start your Internet home home business. They offer Free eBooks, Action Plan Videos & More. The whole process is a walk through on how to go about starting your online business.

Starting Your Internet Business Right

Simple step by step information about how to start an online business, to help you get started immediately the right way. Advice in the book includes; common traps, scams and pitfalls to avoid. This book will show you that anyone with a home computer can open and run a successful online business, for VERY little money. Available Options for starting your Internet business and other useful information such as; where to find products to sell online.

How to start an Online Business

Starting your own online business, there is a right way how to start an online business and there are several wrong ways. Starting the wrong way will almost certainly guarantee you failure!
Here are 4 quick steps you can use as a check list for starting your online business:
Step 1: set up a legitimate business.
There are several reasons for establishing your business as a legal entity, not least of which includes being on the right side of the law, and also the fact that most wholesalers will not sell to you if you are not running a legitimate business.
You will need to register a business name, get a Sales tax id, etc.
The process of setting up a legitimate business is part of being an entrepreneur and is a very simple procedure which an accountant can talk you trough.  

Step 2: Decide what you want to sell.
You can only get started if you do not know what you want to sell. Fortunately there are several market research tools available on the Internet.

Step 3: Find a source for the product.
Now that you have decided to on what to sell, you need to find wholesalers for your product(s).

Step 4: Decide how and where to sell it.
There are several options available to you; selling on eBay, Amazon, yahoo stores, setting up your own website, etc.

Details of these steps are discussed in at the webinars mentioned at the beginning and are found in the book Starting Your Internet Business Right (eBooK)

Starting Your Own Business to Create Your Ideal Life (pt 1)

Starting Your Own Business to Create Your Ideal Life (pt 2)


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