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Staying Focused and Increasing Productivity for an Entrepreneur with Too Many Ideas

Updated on September 6, 2009

Michael is a fairly successful, but dissatisfied entrepreneur. He constantly has lots of ideas, runs around in circles and can't seem to focus on only one idea. He is continuously thinking of new things he could try in his business, but has trouble bringing his ideas to fruition. He lies awake at night thinking up new ideas or worrying about everything he has to do the next day.

This is a normal situation for an entrepreneurial person to be in. These people are the pioneers, at the sharp end every day, and face the challenge of carrying the burden of keeping one or more businesses or work projects alive.

Entrepreneurial people are frequently overwhelmed because they find themselves in situations where they have to do everything themselves. They often need help with staying focused and increasing productivity.

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Many entrepreneurial people become more productive when they recognize their tendency to be unfocused is actually:

                                      a great strength rather than a weakness.

The entrepreneurial person's natural, unfocused, creative style means that they have a constant stream of ideas and an ability to be highly focused on more than one idea or project at once.

photo by Jurvetson (flickr)
photo by Jurvetson (flickr)

I believe that it is often detrimental for an entrepreneur to focus on only one idea.

These people are better off when they allow themselves the time to deliberately generate more ideas so that they flush out the unrealistic ones and get to the better quality ideas that they will naturally focus on.

I find that some amount of unfocused, 'wasted' time is a necessary part of the creative process and is often an effective way of working for entrepreneurial people because they produce better results.

However, there are consequences in taking an unfocused, creative approach. For example, entrepreneurs can inadvertently set themselves up for failure rather than success by getting involved with too many ideas and projects.

These entrepreneurial folks haven't yet realized that as they have an almost unlimited supply of ideas for new and promising ventures, they can afford to let go of most of them and do not need to do anything with many of them in order to be successful.

For those, like Michael, who are working on too many projects and want help with staying focused and increasing productivity, it is useful for them to narrow down the number of projects that they are working on to:

                                           only three at any one time. / CC BY 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

This change would increase their effectiveness because they would be better able to direct all of their energy into areas where the results are likely to be most beneficial.

By simply changing a stress-producing tactic of working on too many things at once, they can naturally focus on their best ideas and bring them into reality, they can get more done in less time, they can increase profitability, and they can sleep more soundly at night.

In short, with a simple change in tactics they set themselves up for success rather than failure.

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So After Reading This Article Do You Think You Might Be An Entrepreneur?

That's what happened to me after I started working and hanging out with entrepreneurs as a coach. I realized I was more creative and entrepreneurial than I first thought. I am just like them. I decided I must be one.

I am not as such an entrepreneur. I don't run one or many businesses. But I know I am entrepreneurial. I have many ideas and enjoy applying these ideas. (I can think of far too many ideas for hubs!)

Someone can be an entrepreneur in their job and as such I believe that they need to learn the same skills that make entrepreneurs successful.

For example, the standard advice is that you must focus on only one thing to be successful. But that doesn't really work for me. I find that I am more productive when focusing on three projects at a time. I like the variety. When I am working on one of the projects I give it my full attention for a short period of time.

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