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Selling Your Stuff on Ebay - Some Make a Living at it - Not Me

Updated on July 8, 2017

First - Decide: Why What When

Why does a person put their stuff on eBay? What kinds of stuff sells? When do you put your auction in?

There are items you cannot sell, so you have to check their list of prohibited items. There are items that I have sold successfully and there are items that have not even gotten a view. Sometimes the timing is on, sometimes the timing is off.

I have obscure items that I like to try occasionally. That is probably why my success rate is so small, but on the other hand... there just might be one item that puts me over the top. I will try to list one item for you to see. I have a 1394 Belkin 6-pin to 4-in cable to put on eBay. Let's see if it sells. There just might be someone online looking for this item. Or not.

Getting Started is a big step!

My notebook computer has Windows 8 on it. My desktop computer is old enough that it uses Windows Vista Home Premium. Since my old computer has the printer attached and my notebook computer is mobile, I set up my sale on my notebook computer and if I need anything printed, I log into my internet on my desktop and print. For some odd reason my notebook computer will not cooperate and print from my notebook computer.

At any rate, I will show you the steps I am taking with my notebook computer.

I have picked a DVD movie to sell. The movie is 28 Days and Sandra Bullock is the main character.

I have purchased a box of bubble mailer envelopes so that I can ship this movie safely. I have considered getting some sticker paper to make my shipping label printing easier, but as of right now, I am just going to print the label on regular printer paper and tape it to my package.

First thing I have to do is take a photo of the DVD. I have a FUJI Digital Camera that takes clear photos. I have watched this DVD once, so, I will mark my sale as USED. It seems to be in fairly good condition and I know I had no issues with it. I plan to start the bidding at 99 cents. The buyer pays the shipping and I can include a handling charge if I so choose. Handling covers the gas and wear and tear on the car for my trip to the post office. I think it is a personal choice. I do not include a handling fee.

At this point, I will assume that you, like me, have a paypal account. You have an ebay account. You own a camera, computer, printer.

This page is dedicated to showing you the steps I am taking to sell my DVD 28 Days.

I hope it sells and I can move on to my next sale. There is always the possibility that it will not sell. I will not lose hope. I will relist it if it fails to attract a buyer the first time.

Additional Resource to obtain more copies of this MOVIE - Amazon's Marketplace

28 Days (Special Edition)
28 Days (Special Edition)

If I decide I need additional copies, I can find more new and used copies on Amazon.


Time is the biggest factor.

Set up your auction, set your price of a starting bid of 99 cents and then wait for your bidders. I plan on going to my twitter account and tweeting about the auction. I plan to mention my auction on facebook.

Remember it pays to advertise.

The biggest success factor is exposure. The more people know that you are having an auction, the sooner you will get that first sale and hopefully your second and additional.

I will take a short break and later, I will take you through the steps to setting up my auction for my movie.

My first step, going to ebay

I typed in in the browser. I wanted to see how many people have listed 28 days. My main questions concern how many people have this particular movie listed, Whether any of them have been successful getting bids. If they have gotten bids, what is their format. What did they write for a title or keywords for their buyer to find their movie. What did they write in their description. What they have for shipping.

In general, I wanted to find someone successful and copy their strategy.

So, I typed in 28 days into ebay. Apparently, there is another movie 28 Days Later that is popular in ebay right now so I was unable to search for Sandra Bullock's movie unless I specifically typed in 28 Days Sandra Bullock. Right there, that is a problem. For one thing, if someone is looking for my movie, the search engine isn't going to offer my buyer any choices.

Another thing I notice: there are 79 current auctions for 28 Days. The first page of auctions are listed and their price is mostly 'buy it now.' Also, many of the auctions have a small price listed as their opening bid, and there are no bids.

So. I am going to change the view. I am going to change the search to auctions ending soon and highest price plus shipping. That will tell me if any are actually selling and how they are handling their sales, if any.

The sort option is located on the right side of the screen. It is a drop down box. You click on the arrow, it gives you choices. You pick one and it will resort the ebay listings.

Well. I am not seeing any sales. Sometimes, sellers will list a movie and then, it may be a buy it now and they have multiple copies listed. Another words, you may see one auction but they have many copies for sale.

Another thing: as I click on the ebay sellers name, it brings up their sales record page. I click on their 'items for sale' page and I see that they have a multitude of things for sale. Odd. Their prices are in odd amounts. I was looking for prices that end in .00 There aren't any, so it gives the false impression that there are bids on their objects, but actually, their selling price is a 'buy it now' option. Interesting. Unless it's because their selling items from Australia and the conversion rate just happens to make it an odd amount???

The interesting part about the sales is that their sales number, I am talking about the number listed after their seller name, their feedback number is well over 30,000, which means that they are very successful. The number goes up every time you leave a feedback. If you buy something and leave a feedback, your number goes up by one. If you sell something and leave a feedback, your number also increases. This is something to keep an eye on when you are selling or buying on ebay.

Next, I will sign in.

You click on sign in and are taken to the login page. You need to be logged in to sell.

I signed in and went to the DVD's for sale auction link. I notice that in the two minutes since I looked at the auctions, the number of auctions has changed to 39. THAT means that of the 79 auctions that I was previously looking at, 40 have closed and their items are in process of being shipped. It is a rolling list, apparently. It lists the current auctions. It just occurred to me that the other option is that they closed without a sale and they are now being relisted. That could be, also.

That is misleading if you are not aware of what you are looking at.

The first time I looked, I just thought there were no sales. In actuality, there are sales, you just have to understand that once the auction has concluded, the number is removed from the list.

Once again, if I am nosy, I can click on any of the movie titles, look at the successful auctions and see how the sellers are doing it. It is good experience for me. Plus, I think you can contact the sellers through the ebay contact system if you have any questions.

I have no need to contact the sellers. I can determine the information that I need to know just by looking at the sales figures.

I am going to try to sell my DVD

I clicked on my ebay and it gave me a selling option. I clicked on it. Sell an item. It brings me to a question box: Tell us what you are selling.

That seems easy enough. I will type 28 Days Sandra Bullock DVD into the title box. I already know that I will be unsuccessful if I just type 28 Days. But on the other hand, if someone is looking for the other movie and sees mine, will I catch the impulse shopper? I just don't know. Best stick to the basics.

That done, it's given me a couple choices. I have to pick a DVD that is similar to mine. The choices are a DVD or a DVD with Blue Ray. Mine is just a DVD, so I will select that picture. The software has brought me to a question screen. My DVD is in good shape. It's not brand new, it's not damaged. I can choose to list as Auction with a buy it now price or I can set a price to stat the bidding. I will list it as 99 cents. They have figured the shipping as $2.58 already, so I don't have to look it up. How convenient is that?

Item in auction, now how do I check on it?

I went to and clicked on My Ebay since I seem to be logged in already. There is a Selling link that I can click on. I have 5 days left on my auction. I have had 3 views. No one has bid yet. My assumption is that no one will bid until the last day, since I suppose it wouldn't make sense to make an early bid because that would drive the price up, and if you are a buyer, you don't want that. As of seller, of course, that would absolutely thrill me!

I suppose I could look and see if I have something just sitting around that would be more popular. Actually, I plan to put supplies for pine needle basket making on auction soon. I am working on a special sawmill to cut walnuts and basket bottom slices. I also intend to start building bird houses. Creative birdhouses.

Getting inspired to list another item

This picture shows that I have two windows open. One is where I found the help button, and the other is the screen that opened up. I used my Snipping Tool to show you. You can download a snipping tool too. They are handy for making pictures. I clicked on Send to Online Auction but I cannot use it since I didn't have a fixed price auction. It simply changes your fixe price auction to a low starting bid auction.

These links promise to help... - We shall see!

Please add any links that have HELPED you out, please!!!

Well, I have 7 views and one watcher..

If I am to analyze this information, I would say that there were a few interested people looking at my movie... probably have a movie of their own to sell. The watcher is probably someone who either wants to see if I get a bid or wishes to keep an eye on the price in the event that they wish to buy it themselves.

You just never know.

It is a watching and waiting game for both sides.

You can check FEEDBACK about yourself or another

You can see what the cumulative selling and buying history of a seller or buyer is.

Ebay contacts you after your auction is over by email

I have received an email at the end of my auction. It alerts me that my item did not sell this time.

My item did not sell

My item did not sell, and I have received an email informing me that the DVD has been relisted by ebay automatically on my behalf.

Advertise, advertise, advertise!!!

Good idea to get a Twitter account and tell people about your auction

Learning from my auction

My item did not sell, so, while it relists, I will list something else in addition.

What have I learned from my first auction attempt.

I learned that my DVD did not sell. There were people who clicked on my auction, but, just never were interested enough to buy my item.

I did have a viewer who wished to see if I sold the item and they added me to their watch list.

My next item is a tool from my garage that I purchased several years ago and nobody seems to want to use.

So, I can attempt to sell it.

I am going to try again.

I will search for my item in ebay and see if anyone is selling one like mine. I have an adjustable torque wrench. I will list it for 99 cents and see what happens

I listed this tool

I have started the bid at .99 and I will ship Globally, through their Global Shipping program. If the buyer wishes to buy it without bidding, the buy it now price is $75

So, it's listed.

Now I wait.

It's been listed less than one minute

I already have two views. So, PERHAPS, this will be a better auction. We shall see!

My first two auctions were a flop. Nothing is selling.

The one auction keeps relisting itself. The other auction I just took down. It was discouraging. I have decided to go with a different approach. In my yard, I have acorns, black walnuts and pinecones of various sizes. I also have apples. I may just see what luck I have with selling them. I will have to investigate. Some items that you try to sell are prohibited for sale, so I have to check to make sure.

Let's try a different approach. I am going to buy something.

Okay. I was watching a movie with my granddaughter and there was a cute preview for a different movie. Alpha and Omega, the story of a couple wolves. It's animated and looks cute. I want a copy. There are quite a few copies on eBay and I don't care if I get a new or used copy. It just doesn't matter. The like new copy should work okay. So, I typed in Alpha and Omega and the Ebay search engine volunteered that there were auctions for DVD's and other items. I selected DVD. It took me to a page of listings. I scrolled down and found an auction that wasn't very expensive. The price was 99 cents. I placed my bid. Now I wait. The shipping isn't very expensive, either, about $2.50.

So, now, I wait for my auction to end. If no one else bids on it, I win. If others bid on it, I will probably lose, since I am not dedicated enough to watch for the end of the auction. Why not? Because I work outside the home and aren't always available to look at my computer.

Actually, knowing your own habits and schedule should help you in setting up your first auction because you will instinctively know what you would look for if you were the buyer. KEEP that in mind when setting up your auction. What would YOU look for and how would you go about it.

checking the ebay HOT list..

Sometimes, it might help to see what is selling.. obviously, old movies that you have aren't always going to be a great seller. From what I have observed, there are things that sell all year around, and there are items that sell during certain seasons. Dot it yourself items are apparently big business. Remember being three years old and wanting to tie your shoelaces all by yourselves? Well, that attitude is still prevalent in people looking to make items from scratch. Also, a lot of people are scrambling to find items to keep their kids busy and out of their hair, so keep that in mind when listing items. As I looked through listings for do it yourself, I saw a lot of toy items, like Shrinky Dinks jewelry, and Bill Nye the Science Guy books, and Guitar Kits and Robots.

One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure

You will never really know why people buy what they buy.

Lately, I have had luck selling old fishing lures and bobbers. The old wooden lures seem to be popular. The old plastic bobbers, not so much.

A pair of boots sold. An old model of a Deadwood Coach sold. I tried to sell an old stand mixer, but, that failed. I actually have been using it for my own stuff and I guess I'll keep it. It was my mother's.

I noticed that when you are selling an item and filling out the form, that eBay's computer will offer suggestions for your sale. Pay attention to this computer buddy because it has access to information that you'd have to research. It's like having your own little assistant.

I LOVE it!!!

I was tempted to sell mugs or T-shirts. One idea that I have is to set up an account with cafe press and make my own design... you know, something really great and sell the shirts. Although, I think that they'll sell stuff for you if you design something.

Food for thought.

I have bought a few items on eBay lately. It actually stands to reason that if I am looking for stuff on eBay, that the mentality to sell stuff, should equal the mentality to buy stuff.

Shouldn't it? So, therefore; if you think about what you'd buy online, use that as your guideline for what to sell online.

Good Luck in your auctions!

Currently on eBay July 2017

Well, I don't give up. When I originally wrote this page, I was trying to sell a DVD. That did not sell. Since then, I have tried to sell other items, to no avail.

Currently, I am running a auction for a collection of old Ladies hankies that I got from a neighbor of mine, who has been 'gone' for a few years. She was born in 1910, so some of these hankies are quite old.

As of today, I am intrigued that I have had 9 visits and I have one watcher. The information means nothing to me. So, I will wait and find out if I have a bidding war at the last minute or not.

Wish me luck!

My Item is Listed


Two Views Already


If At First You Don't Succeed

Well. I will try this cable. I don't have any use for it and someone might need it. eBay suggested that I list it for an $8 starting price. There were only 246 other cables listed on eBay. This may be a good thing since there are a limited number for sale.

We shall see.

How About You

Have you tried to sell items on eBay?

See results

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