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HELP! Where is my career?

Updated on September 21, 2014

Remember when you were young and everyone always asked what you wanted to be when you grew up?? There were always a bunch of answers for each kid, and at the time you were dead set on being an astronaut or teacher. Teachers and parents knew those answers would change as you got older and they most certainly did.

During your college years, your major may have changed a few times until you finally decided...THIS IS IT!!. I want to be a lawyer!. You took your classes, graduated cum laude, passed the bar, entered a prestigious law firm and began making tons of money. This is a great scenario for those who have found their passion. For others, the day-to-day misery of "getting by" is beginning to be too much. Forcing yourself out of the bed in the morning to go to a job you would rather not be at can be too much to bear. As time passes you fall deeper and deeper into despair until one day you are 40 and realize the clock has nearly timed out.

Stop planning so much

Will Smith: Life, Purpose, Fear and Focus

Lost in a Fog

There are many people who have not yet found their calling. This is for those who like to do a lot of things, but don't love any one thing enough to make it their life's work. Is that bad??? Some would say yes, the clock is ticking, you're out of college, very close to thirty or past it and its time you found a stable career so you can finally start your life. Others would say no, you just haven't found out what you want and its better to take a little more time to find it than to be miserable doing something you do not want to do-there is nothing wrong with being a late bloomer.

You typically hear the first school of thought, but feel more of the second. I look at people in jobs they hate just to pay the bills and ask is it worth it?? Often times you have to suck it up and "do what you gotta" do to survive, especially when you have kids. Well I know that feeling, I have scrubbed toilets, fried chicken, and fixed toilets AFTER I graduated college, to keep the lights on. The problem is that the clock is ticking and sometimes it gets a bit unnerving to see people love what they do so much and then look back on myself and wonder, why am I not passionate about anyting. Is there something that I could for the next 40 years and be happy doing it?? So far the answer has been no , but I am pretty sure there is at least one thing I can manage to like or I will be a drifter finding happiness in pockets until I leave there are two options.... find something...ANYTHING to do and grind it out until you die, or continue to chase the dream that you once had in your youth. Decisions.

What is the best way to live??

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