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Strategic Management: The Alternative Course of Future Action of the Organizational Goals

Updated on April 26, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

In strategic management, it is important to provide the alternative course of future action of the organizational goals to respond the survival of the business interests. It has to address the turbulent environment, unforeseen social change and the erratic economic conditions of the market that may affect the entire organization. So, it is important to ensure the compliance of this strategic action:

The strategic identification and formulation of the alternative course of future action along the shared values , missions and goals of the organization that will cushion the massive strategic change to cope up with the environmental change in the market.

Strategic Variables on the Alternative Course of Future Action

1. The strategic action on SWOT analysis has to provide the actual information as to the future directions of the society.

The SWOT analysis has to be very comprehensive to capture of all strategic dimensions that later on affect the organization. Most of management consultants may not appreciate the SWOT analysis as simply representing the mere information about the environment. However, you cannot simply capture the entire picture and scenario of the market system unless a very exhaustive and comprehensive view about the SWOT Analysis. The qualitative and quantitative research may find interesting factual interpretation of data including observable conditions in the market that may affect the entire organization.

2. There varied alternative options as the result of the SWOT analysis to realign the strategic action in case that will be the environmental shift of phenomenon that may affect the marketing strategy of the firm.

This is the dynamic and flexible alternatives in managerial decision to respond the survival of the organization. The manager must be very keen to the final stage of reviewing the course of action as to the possibility of erratic changes of the environment. There are unexpected variables that may trigger the social system of the organization to affect the profitability levels and organizational productivity.

3. The alternative courses of actions must be realistic and doable in consideration of the financial and economic support of the organization.

The strategic actions show real scenario of the financial factor as it is presented in the SWOT analysis and observable conditions affecting the organizational system. The financial review of the different variable inputs must be considered in the financial analysis of the organization.

4. The alternative course of action may always be dynamic in the management of human resources and market strategies as to delight the customer satisfaction and quality assurance in the market demand.

The service-oriented approach of management has to be very critical as to the organization support of human resources in delighting the customers to explain and produce quality products in the market. The dynamic, flexible , and versatile organizational staff have major role as to the service being offered to explain the products and services being offered at the advantage of the clients or customers. The well-trained professional staff or representative may have more opportunity to delight the customers and be satisfied not only in purchasing the products but well informed as to the quality assurance in consuming and using them.

5. The alternative course of action must complement the organizational goals, visions, missions and shared values. These are the driving force of the internal locus of the managerial values to sustain dedication, commitment and innovative response to the target clients and customers.

The guiding strategic direction of the alternative course of actions is done by the desired organizational goals, visions, missions and values. This must be congruent as the driving force of internal locus smoothly transforms the course of action of the managers, supervisors and personnel staff in the organization. Usually, organization supports the organizational values of dedication, commitment and innovation for them to be motivated more on quality and excellence for the target clients and customers of the organization.

Finally, the strategic management has to apply alternative course of action in the formulation of the strategy based on the SWOT analysis of the organization. It has to respond with the desired recommendations on the different business levels to ensure the suitability of the course of action being done by the division or unit.


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