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Strategic Management : The Competitive Advantage on Emerging Business and Information Technologies

Updated on April 25, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The importance of strategic management is how to determine the right market tool in the application of emerging technologies in the global market:

It develops strategic tools for a competitive advantage in the e-commerce, information technology, and emerging business technologies as the front-line of environmental market forces.

The strategic dual-role of the market system for the successful implementation of the enterprise is not only financial stability but the technology-based adapted in the business. The corporate world has to continue in recruiting highly technical consultants to sustain the erratic and massive change of technology in a short period of time. It is a corporate challenge to review emerging business technologies including the e-commerce and information technology with the technical assistance of consultants to incorporate and merge new innovative technology in the market.

These are organizational variables for the competitive advantage that we take a look in the strategic management:

1. The market system dictates by the e-commerce as supported by the internet to provide the massive viewers the global market.

2. The internet viewers respond to the popular view of the product and service may come on the social networking, commercial websites, entertainment and media websites, buy and sell products, and other normal forms

3. The market demand needs to closely monitor the social pattern of internet communication and interaction as the means to get the bulk of clients and customers.

4. The constant application of innovative product design in the market as supported by the popular websites in the internet.

The emerging market as to the 21st century is no longer on conventional way to advertise and promote the product in media, newspapers and other paper forms. Most of the clients and customers are now in touch with e-commerce as the main visual and audio tool to be informed by the commercial products and services in the global market. It has to get the attention of the million of viewers to provide the knowledge and information of the product.

The business climate in the 21st century is totally different when compared in the past emergence of business concepts and innovations in management. The highly technical computer and internet programmers must integrate the strategic innovation of the business particularly those capital-intensive enterprise. It must include the corporate divergence of the popular websites in the internet to sustain and survive the technical competition of products and services in the local, national and international market.


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